Should guys be told the truth about their lack of sex skills and small penis size?

We've all heard about the fragile male ego and, frankly, I am sick of it.

Here are some reasons why women should tell guys the truth about their lack of sex skills and small penis size:

1. They'll be doing the next woman a *small* favour.
Why? If I told the guy that his dick is too small and he's bad at sex, he might be sitting at home crying instead of looking for his next victim. (He'll be chasing the next gal cos I don't grant seconds to guys who are bad at sex).
[1-minute-man vs micropenis]

2. The men can improve themselves.
Note: This doesn't mean it's women's duty to help them to improve.

3. They can stop asking the "Am I big?" question. Curiosity kills the ..., in this case, erection. Let's keep it deactivated - it's not of much use to anyone.

4. Women really don't like telling lies.

5. Men don't stick to the "never tell a woman she's fat" rule anyway.


andrewcha said...

for me i think is better to be frank so at least guy or me can improve on the skills. Of course not on the size... anyway it depends on the ego.

Kent said...

Yes it should. As we were born as chinese, it automatically imply that the word "small penis" are attach together with us for our life. You can be longer than other chinese, for few mm... and you are still consider "small penis" in the world ranking.

David said...


If a women can discuss this with a man in a kind manner, the male will learn and improve.

Most men want to be a good partner, and unlike movies or television, few men are natural talents and must learn from a caring partner.


Yu-Kym said...

World ranking! LOL. I like your choice of words!

I tried to tell a 1MM but it didn't walk.
Well, shape up or ship out!

Darren said...

Size is someting can't be change. But i think attitude will make a difference. Some guys go for mutual fullfilling LOVEMAKING (做爱) session, some go for fullfilling his own sexual urge SEX (性交) session.

Yu-Kym said...

Agree. Though the mentality of lovemaking vs fulfilling own sexual urge is very hard or maybe impossible to change. The guys I've encountered who only think of their own sexual urge, I just avoid them. The guy who go for lovemaking, they don't even need to be taught to think that way.