Pants once unzipped - goods inside considered sold!

If you're a guy, I'm sure you must have had the experience of a gal looking real nice with all her clothes on but when upon opening the pretty wrapper you found that what's on the outside was not at all representative of what's inside.

It's uncommon here for guys to wear padded (front and back) underwear, hidden heels in their shoes, to bind their manboobs or wear push-up bras so usually what you see is what you get. The 3 things that disappoint me the most after the unwrapping is done are (in increasing order of disappointment):

1. Unshaven
It's not possible to tell whether a guy is shaven down below. Some guys shave under their arms but not between their legs or they are wearing shirts with sleeves so I can't see their armpits. But most of the time, guys who don't shave their armpits would not shave their pubic hair either. I've been disappointed before and I've given up trying to guess so from now on I intend to ask the guy upfront whether he shaves. Btw, just because I ask a guy about his pubic hair does not mean I want to check his pubic area.
[Underarm and pubic hair]
[Men's body hair]

2. Overhanging belly
Most people leave their shirts tucked out or loosely tucked on to hide their spare tyre or small beer bellies. The only way to get him to remove his shirt for my examination is to invite him for a swim, watersports or suntanning. But if he claims to be unable to swim and does not want to get a tan, there's nothing much I can do but conclude that he's got nothing interesting to show me under that loose shirt!
[Fat sex]

3. Unsatisfactory penis
The moment of truth. I'm considering only the physical factors here so there's no need for you to remind me that there are other things besides penis size that matter. There are several reasons why a penis would be unsatisfactory:
- covered with dick cheese
- micropenis
- not hard enough (probably the onset of ED but it's fair for you to think that maybe I didn't turn the guy on enough. If that's the case, can I go home now?)

I'm not saying I want a money-back-guarantee but is there a way to return the "goods" politely after the clothes are removed and the pants unzipped? I told one guy that I was not ready to have sex with him and he got angry. He did not force himself on me but he was publicly mean to me the next day. I wasn't expecting him to be pleased that I rejected him and buy me flowers but there was no need to be mean either. I know it's not nice to reject a person based on physical appearance but I don't have to have to go through the motion and feel bored during sex [see 10 thoughts of boredom during foreplay or sex]

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David said...


If nothing else you tell men what you like and dislike about appearance and hygiene.

As you have stated in other hair related post, what you like, another women might dislike. So variety is possible. The lesson here for the males is that one cannot please all the ladies all the time.

Get use to that guys.

Yu-Kym, the theme of appearance and hygiene are frequent topics or sub-topics or your post. As is your disappointments with failed or betrayed friendships.

Life has many ups and downs, if one does not risk loving, then one will not be loved in return.

I can speak of the pain of unrequited love from years past.

Fortunatley, I took one more risk and found my partner for life!

I trust and hope that one day you will blessed with such good fortune!


ColdTrickle said...


arent you assuming?
- that guys who dont shave their armpits dont shave below? you have some kind of statistics, or maybe you attract the wrong-type.

arent you contradictary?
- quote" Btw, just because I ask a guy about his pubic hair does not mean I want to check his pubic area." unquote. Then why do you bother to ask? Are you some kind of pubic... I mean public inspector?

arent you expecting fair play?
- you go all the way to unzip a guy and you refuse? hello? if size and others matter to you than the passion of the moment, then you might as well as them to fill up a questionnaire before you start unzipping them.



Yu-Kym said...

David, perhaps I should sit at a coffee joint in the central business district and take a video of the people who are walking by. There are many attractive-looking women but hardly any attractive guys :(

ColdTrickle, #1, I wrote "It's not possible to tell whether a guy is shaven down below." A guy may be shaven below but he may not pass #2 so I won't even move on to #3.

To go all the way to unzip and then refuse goes back to my statement: Pants once unzipped - goods inside considered sold!

If you undress a women and find that she does not smell clean or good below, will you still go ahead? I think the answer is No.

Darren said...

I had alot of encounters which i'm able to face naked guys from all walks of life and nationalities, be it in the army days, in public bathing facilities, in the bathing house in china. Most of the guys don't shave, at the most they trim to keep it short or they trim the side to wear swimming trunks. I do think its a good habit to trim or shave but its up to indivivual preference, and may be applying whitening cream as an extra package :P

If i'm want to undress a girl i'm usually prepare to expect her true size over her externaly visual size, but if i attracted to the girl, who cares!!! Even if she does not smell clean or good, bathroom will be the playground for foreplay!! :P. But if laziness of cleaning up is presence, everything will go downhill.

Life is about going with the flow, advancing inch by inch rather then rushing. When thers attraction, chemistry, passion, everything will just flow!!!

Rock Hard said...

Pants once unzipped - goods inside considered sold!

Ok, how can it be actually sold?

A Handjob?
A Blow Job?
A vaginal Sex?
or pay with some form of er...monetary compensation?

Perhaps you use this as an excuse to orgle at the man's penis?

"Say, do you shave? no? Trim? With design? wow...wanna show me first before I decides what I wanna do with it?"