No time? How do you spend your 24 hours?

Ever found yourself saying you have "no time" to do certain things. The truth is, everyone has 24 hours a day regardless of whether they are roadsweepers or the president. (You could fly to a different time zone but that's not counted!)

Per week day, I estimate that the regular working person spends:
8 hours sleeping
9.5 hours working (including 1 hour for lunch)
1 hour eating breakfast and dinner
1.5 hours commuting
0.5 hours for bathing and personal care
20.5 hours

This leaves only 3.5 hours per day for everything else!
If you need to work overtime, you would end up with less than that, as if 3.5 hours is even enough to start with!

My guess on how people with children spend their remaining 3.5 hours:
If they have children, they would probably spend 2-3 hours at least taking care of them.
If they need to do housework, that could take at least 0.5-1 hour per day on the average.
They might need to go to the market to buy food or buy groceries at supermarket - another 0.5 hours.

My guess on how homebody singles spend their time 3.5 hours:
2 hours watching TV/DVD/movies
1.5 hours on the Internet
(Singaporeans age 8-24 spend 12.6 hours a day on the Internet, watching TV or DVD/VCD/videos, reading newspapers or magazines and listening to the radio. See report)

How I spend my 3.5 homebody hours on the average:
0.5-1 hour writing/blogging
0.5-1 hour exercising (includes commuting)
1 hour on the Internet (excludes writing)
1 hour reading books
Although these look ok to me, I don't feel satisfied with how I'm spending my time. I would like to focus on new sources of income. It's something for me to think about for inclusion in my new year resolution list.


David said...


Your personal discipline is admirable and not unexpected.

My wife and me average 6-7 hours of sleep per night. My wife averages not only 8-9 hours per day working, but 1.5 to 2.0 hours per day commuting to and from work.

This is also how parents gain more time for children, less sleep time, less housework time, job sharing that allows more home time, telecommuting, those folks can work from home several days per week. All these allow some parents time at home and time with children.

I do not know statistics for SG but lack of adequate sleep is a frequent topic of discussion in the states. Many people get by with 5-6 hours per night.

I could be better organized but that is another different topic.

Have a great weekend!


Yu-Kym said...

I was told by a doctor that in Singapore, many people have insomnia. I get that from time to time too :(


It's great to know that there are some Singaporean taking the effort to make full use of their day. However, I would assume that you silently attach sex and masturbation to "0.5 hours for bathing and personal care"?

Yu-Kym said...

I don't spend 1.5 hrs per day commuting :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw your pic with that teddy bear...
mmm I do that too.

chosensg said...

24hrs is not enough for me. I only get to sleep 5 hrs max on a weekday. Most of the time it's 4 hrs! I look forward to the weekend where I get to sleep longer, 7 or 8hrs. Don't know why but time seems to fly on a workday.

Yu-Kym said...

If you had an hour more, would you spend it sleeping?

Anonymous said...

If i have the right partner... No! I would spend it on making love and then indulge in some pleasant blissful sleep that usually follows after a good session if the remaining time permits! In fact, if my playmate is beside me, I cant sleep without making love first! it's nearly like an addiction! keke

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Well, looks like you would never be able to get enough sleep regardless of how many extra hours you have in a day! :P