Look! I'm attached!

No, not me.

That's what everyone seems to be screaming out to the WWW (whole wide world) all the time.

Social gatherings
When I was a student, my friends used to bring their boyfriends/girlfriends to social events and seat them neatly in a corner. I couldn't figure out what the whole deal was because throughout the entire 2 to 3 hours of chatting, nobody bothers to talk to the partners and the partners don't usually try to mingle. The worst part is, the people who brought partners would carry on their conversations with others as though their partners were nothing more than arm accessories (sometimes the gals get the arm accessories to carry their other arm accessories, i.e. handbags). Sometimes, a friend might ask the partner, "Are you bored?" Of course, the spoken answer will never be "No" though "Yes, duh!" written all over his/her face. Such things still happen at social gatherings I attend now.

Social gatherings are not the only outlet for people to show off their arm accessories. They also do it on the WWW (world wide web). Everyone who is attached or married seems to have their partner in the profile picture on Facebook. When they post those pictures, all their friends are supposed to make comments, e.g. congrats, I'm happy for you, you both look good together, etc.
Furthermore, many people would have a their status in Facebook or on MSN set to something like, I miss my darling, I am nothing without you, etc. If they've got something to tell their darlings, please tell them directly! Does the WWW really need to know?

Then, there are those who need to notify everyone in their phone book that they are attached. Today I received a surprise SMS from a guy who completely ignored me after I told him about my past. Somehow he was smart enough to include his name in the SMS because I had long deleted him from my phone book. He asked me how I was and I replied politely. I don't think his intention was just to find out how I was - it was obvious from his unexplained disappearance that he didn't care at all. I knew something must be up so I asked him, "What's new?" He was more than happy to tell me that he's attached now. Tempted as I was to reply Congrats, I didn't. How many Congrats do attached people need?

Some of my friends' partners, in my opinion, are braggarts, hypocrites, spendthrifts or have no EQ. Am I still supposed to tell my friends Congrats? Why don't we ever congratulate people who are unattached or those who have chosen to dump their loser boyfriend/girlfriend? I'm not expecting them to care what I think but I refuse to be a hypocrite. I know some people might say I'm sour grapes but I rather be called that than a hypocrite.

Obviously, the whole sour grapes problem can be solved by getting myself my own arm accessory. If I can't beat them, maybe I should join them!



Garyhjj90 said...

good post!

Anonymous said...

haha so true.
infact i just broke up with my girlfriend!
and some of my closer friends actually congratulated me!!

imthekingg said...

true true true....
bring ur partner to an event that your partner don't even know anyone of them will be super boring....
and the reason they gave is i want u to know my friends... but the fact is they just wan to show off their partner to people that they are attached... so bo liao la...

Anonymous said...


This is so true!!!!!

I dont know why those declaring to the whole world they are attached will somehow get into many trouble and even higher chance of breakup, do you notice that? XD

Sometimes, its good to be modest. Boy/girlfriend is a personal asset ;)

May you find your real love soon!

Anonymous said...

I am getting sick with my facebook now due to the above you have mentioned. So sick of what my facebook-mates have written most of the time on their personal issues but I guess its the reason for him/her to 'face+book' Anyway, I have 'HIDE' those 'sick' one from showing posting on my page!

Yu-Kym said...

Anon #1, congrats !!

imthekingg, ya I feel sorry for the partner. Hard to say No to such things.

Anon #2, I think some people choose certain partners for show only, e.g. a model or stewardess gf , or a rich bf, etc.

Anon #3, I hide many things too. Too much spam like bo liao quiz results.

Anonymous said...

Actually on the other point of view, if one doesn't display the rship status, the other party might feel that one is not proud to have him/her as their bf/gf...

In a sense, it's your profile. You do what you want to to your own profile. Other ppl know whats happening in your life bcoz they're stalking u! Juz my 2 cents worth :P