If No meant No, every guy would die a virgin?

Guys have a hard time believing that when I say No, I mean No. It must be because through experience, they have learnt that persistence does pay off. Even if they only have a 1% rate of success, the odds are still better than gambling so why not give it a shot? What's there to risk anyway? The worst that could happen is they get rejected yet again - something which they are de-sensitized against - or a tight slap.

Women, including me, need to take responsibility for that mentality which men have developed. We allow them to try to convince us, by not being firm and sticking to our decision when we say No, and saying No when we mean Maybe or Yes.

Most guy will pester me by repeating their question, ask Why Not, try to convince me or try to "negotiate" something. There were times when I allowed myself to be convinced otherwise but I always end up regretting it. Sometimes it's not a big deal because it's just dessert by there were times when I agreed to get sexually involved (out of curiosity to prove my own point that the guy won't be any good) and regretted it the minute it started (because it's a micropenis or the guy has a bad attitude). Though my curiosity was satisfied, I certainly wasn't.

I know this measure might be quite extreme but I try to avoid guys who have the tendency to constantly ask the me same question twice. I get put off when I'm always asked, "Are you sure?"

E.g. 1
Do you want dessert?
No, thanks.
Are you sure? Don't worry, you are so thin you can afford to eat.

E.g. 2
Do you want to watch a movie?
No, thanks.
Are you sure? It's the last day of screening.

E.g. 3
Do you want to buy this?
No, thanks.
Are you sure? It's very cheap, you can't get a better price elsewhere.

Of course I'm sure! For guys whom I think are asking the question because they are caring and sensitive, I will explain to them nicely that I am always sure of my answer and not to ask me the same question twice. If I am unsure or something, I will respond with, "I'm not sure", "Maybe", or "I need to think about it."

For the answers to these questions:

Can I have your phone number?
Can you add me on Facebook?
Can you send me your nude pictures?
Can I come up to your place for coffee?
Can you give me your used panty?
Can I have sex with you?

For the last time, the answers are No. No. No. No. No. No. No!

Because, dude, what you got for me is something I don't need.

If I need something from you, I'll help myself. Thank you very much.


pelanduk said...

HAHAHAHHAA... Ooophs... sorry. I just love this post, especially last paragraph!!

David said...


I can understand why some males are persistant when seeking your company for all the mentioned activities.

First you are very attractive, second you can talk about almost anything and not sound like a person who has no idea about the topic.
You are opioninated, which most guys like.
That makes you a challenging women to get to know.

Just a decade ago, Facebook, inexpensive cell phones and other tech methods for staying in touch were not affordable or available.

Your public persona also makes you a desirable ONS for many men.

In end some guys a simply desperate and they will risk hearing NO, NO, NO as many times as it takes until some female says yes.

Interesting post, and interesting, though not unexpected, that you are highly sougth!


Anonymous said...

I guess only their backdoor will be virgin. Guys will think of 1001 ways to have sex...:)

ColdTrickle said...


is there anything wrong in repeating a request with additional information? in your movie example, isn't the last day of screening additional information that may make you reconsider? or is the guy suppose to assume that you know every bit of information?

two people "communicate". else, if it is the way you say, that it is called "question and answer".

and are you sure you have never asked "are you sure?".... Are you very sure?


Yu-Kym said...

Thanks David, at the very least, I'm grateful that I'm wanted.

ColdTrickle, That's why I mentioned that if a guy repeats the question because he's caring and sensitive, it's ok. Can sense the difference. Some guys will ask me repeated whether I want dessert or to watch a movies because they themselves want to eat or watch the movie but they want company!
I have asked "are you sure" when people tell me facts that don't sound very true. Sometimes they are sure, sometimes they not that sure after all. When my gal frens say they are on a diet and don't want to eat, I don't ask them "are you sure you don't want to eat?" but I will ask them whether they are ok with just watching me eat.
I agree that many people (men and women) drop hints and expect the other person to know what to do. Yesterday over dinner my guy fren said that his finger was dirty. I told him "dirty then wash it lah". But actually what he wanted was a piece of tissue paper from me.