How to get pesky guys off your back

It's a little embarrassing admitting that I did scream at guys on the phone before. I basically told them not to call me again - ever. Horrible and heartless as it might sound, you may be surprised to know that this method does NOT work. In the first place such guys are immune to all sorts of insults and direct words (not hints). I can scream and shout at the whenever they call but they would still call back! I think they enjoy it!

Sadly, there's no "block" function on the telephone. And even if there was, the guy can call from an unlisted number. So with some help from a gal friend, we came up with some suggestions on how to get rid of pesky guys.

1. Ask for money
Ask the guy for a big sum of money. Pesky guys are losers. (What type of guy won't get lost after I've told him not to call again?) Losers don't have much money. (But this doesn't mean guys who have money are not losers).
My dad uses this method to get rid of certain people who go door-to-door trying to stick their foot in the door.
My friend tried this on some guys and also tried asking for a supplementary credit card. This method is not foolproof. Some of them still try their luck again after a few weeks/months.

2. Get someone to pretend to be your parent or bf to call him, SMS to him or pick up the phone when he calls you, and tell him sternly not to bother you again.
I pretended to be my own boyfriend and SMS-ed back to the guy, "Who are you?" and after he replied, I SMS-ed back, "I'm her boyfriend. What do you want?" This worked.

3. Tell him you're pregnant.
We never tried this. But I think it'd work.
If you've not had sex with him, then I think he would leave you alone.
If you've had sex with him before and he's a jerk, he would run away and hide - which is what you want him to do. Otherwise tell him, it's another guy's kid.

4. Tell him your ex-boyfriend proposed to you and you accepted.
We never tried this either. I think 50% of guys would back off. The other 50% would still try their luck to see if they can get no strings attached sex.

5. Pretend to be sick, disfigured, lost a limb, hospitalized or dead
Some people are quite pantang so this should be the last resort. I leave it up to you to choose what type of illness. If you'd slept with the guy before, I don't think it's a good idea to lie to him that you've got HIV. Although it may be fun to give him a shock of his life, it may give him reason to sue you for damages if he had contracted the virus from someone else.
I can't pretend to have broken my penis because I don't have one, but I think pretending to have gotten disfigured or lost a limb would send him running in the opposite direction.
For faking hospitalization or death, you'll need the help of a bogus family member to inform the guy when he calls or SMS-es.
My friend tried faking that she was in hospital and replied to the guy's SMS, pretended to be her own sister.

If you have other ideas, please share them with me :)


Anonymous said...

For this leech, I would just ignore his call and if u dont respond after few or many calls he will fade. Really is no point giving excuses as that will encourage him not to give up. Just ignore and let him fades

Yu-Kym said...

Such guys do alot more than just call a few times a day! They can call 24x7 and jam up my phone with their calls or even wait for me near my place. They don't go away when I ignore them.

Anonymous said...

the more u fight or giving excuses, that will give them or encourage them to call. I still believe in ignoring their calls until they fade.

Yu-Kym said...

Some of them do alot more than call. They can become stalkers when their calls go unanswered. "I'm waiting for your at your house because you didn't pick up your phone and I got worried." I had one guy who only disappeared after the police shipped him off to the police station. Luckily didn't become fatal attraction case!

Anonymous said...

If this pesky guy is one of your colleague, you have to see and work with him everyday. What are you going to do to get him off and on the other hand maintain a your healthy work mate relationship with him ?

Anonymous said...

LOL, I have told a guy before that I am a lesbian (I am not)..he was disappointed and never call me back :)