How to get pesky gals off your back

To people who advise, "Tell her nicely and make her understand,": You either don't understand what pesky means or you haven't ever had anyone this *crazy* about you!

I don't think I've been pesky myself but these would really put me off contacting the guy again.

1. Ask her out. Over lunch / dinner, dig your nose, play with your nose shit, and for the finishing touch, flick it at her.

2. Ask her out. Constantly scratch or play with your balls.

3. Ask her what she thinks of shit fetish.
If she finds it disgusting, tell her that you're into it.
If she says she likes it, tell her she's sick and gross.

4. Tell her you just got another gal pregnant and you're going to marry her.

5. When she calls, "accidentally" pick up the phone and play back some porn sounds on the phone to pretend that you're having sex with someone.


David said...


Getting pseky gals away was never a problem I knew. Leads to some interesting daydreams.

Getting real again, I do wonder how many young males, (that excludes me) experienced this problem? Then again some males would not consider any female pesky.


Yu-Kym said...

I'm sorry you were never that "fortunate" :P
A few of my (better-looking) guy friends have complained to me about this problem. They tell the gals nicely that they are not interested, ignore their SMS and calls but those don't work. Some of them are married but gals still want to pester them!