Disposal of used condoms

I just returned to Singapore today from my vacation and was "greeted" by a used condom on the ground floor of an apartment on my way home. Thanks for the warm welcome.

How to dispose of used condoms?
Most condoms are not biodegradable. So don't flush them down the toilet. Imagine the plumber coming to your house to unclog your toilet bowl to be presented with used condoms! I think most people would be embarrassed by that though some may be proud of the collection of condoms.

The best way to dispose of condoms is by wrapping them tissue or toilet paper and throwing them in the bin. Some people (who think they unloaded lots) would tie up the condom to prevent semen from leaking out. If people, e.g. people who live with parents [Want more sex?], don't want someone else in the house to find the use condoms, they would throw it directly down the rubbish chute or da bao in a plastic bag and dispose of it somewhere else. Apparently, someone came up with a better idea: save the trouble and throw it out of the window!

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Anonymous said...

Ello how is de trip? Anyting interesting over der at kuching? Me yet to visit de place. Any plan coming over to brunei again :)


ginho said...

How was kuching?

Yu-Kym said...

Kuching was good :)

Sky, I have no plans to go to Brunei again at the moment :(

Anonymous said...

nice! thanks!