3 Workouts for great abs

I know everybody wants to have great abs. If you don't already have them, I wrote this for you!

Confused by all kinds of ab exercises? I am! I keep my workouts simple. I can't remember all the different types there are out there. Sit-ups and crunches only work on your upper abs so you can't get 6-pack abs from those alone. Do these 3 exercises for overall ab toning.

Workout #1
This simple exercise works on your core muscles especially your abs and back. You should strengthen your back muscles too (your back muscles are on the opposite side of your body from your abs). There's no movement required so anyone including people who aren't coordinated can manage this exercise.

Kneel down and rest your elbows and forearms on the ground.
Lift your knees off the ground and keep your body straight (see picture below).
Hold for 1 minute.

Looks easy? I bet you won't be smiling after this one. The first 10 seconds are nothing. Not everyone can even last for 1 minute. Try it.

Repeat and extend how long you hold the position as you progress.

Workout #2

This exercise works on your upper and lower abs. The slight side-to-side motion also works on your obliques.

Lie on your back.
Left elbow to your right knee, and alternate every 2 seconds.
Keep your movements slow and controlled.
Keep your both feet off the ground for each set of 10.

Workout #3
This may not sound like a workout but it's actually more effective for ab toning than doing crunches and sit-ups. Maintain a good posture throughout the day, i.e. keep your back straight, don't slouch in your chair. Imagine you are being held up by a string attached to the top of your head.

For your abs to start showing, you need to persevere and be very patient. Hiring a personal trainer to train you twice a week won't even work if you have weak abs and lots of fat in your tummy. But don't stop the ab exercises just because you think that your abs would never show up. Having muscles will raise your metabolic rate and help you burn calories faster.

Diet wise, switch to low-fat milk and cut down your intake of fried or oily food, and sugary or carbo-rich food. I won't recommend complete elimination because that would just make you feel miserable and you won't be able to sustain the diet in the long run.

Exercise regularly to burn fat. Don't forget to protect your joints if you run or climb stairs often (I take glucosamine supplements). Give your body time to rest and recover if you feel any strain, pain or aches. There's no point in having a great looking body if you can't even walk without feeling pain.

Have fun, stay focussed, then be a narcissist and admire the fruit of your labour.


David said...


Great post with great information!

You are to be complimented on your GREAT ABS.

You practice what you teach and its shows!

BTW, have you rescheduled your mountian climbing trek?


JAPB said...

Woot~ Nice abs!

I've been doing workout #2, gonna try #1 too!

Btw, do you do it everyday?

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks David and JAPB!

I'm not going to do a mountain trek for now. Actually the story behind why it was cancelled is really WTF!

I only do #3 daily. #2, I used to do while watching tv but now I have no tv so I seldom do it.

Anonymous said...

Hi YK,

about workout #1, how often to do it?

is it like do it one session perday, each session 1 minute long?


Yu-Kym said...

Hi! I hardly do that cos it's so painful! 1 minute of it is enough to give me aches for a few days...

Rock Hard said...

The 1st workout is call "The Plank". That's my favourite workout.
Next time you do it, try to raise one arm and use the other arms to support your whole body instead of using both arms.
Do not try 1 min.
You should go for sets of 20 secs per arms.
Do 4 sets of 20 secs for each arm.
Try Leg raise with a gym ball inbetween your both legs..ouch, gonna hurt like hell.
Reduce carbo and sugar helps greatly.
Weight training regularly helps me to burn fats 24/7 while allowing me to watch tv and reading this boring blog of yours too.