2 Natural ways to cure headaches

I seldom get headaches but I can get them:
- when I have a blocked nose from a cold or too much crying,
- from having too much glare from the sun in my eyes,
- from I sleeping too much *grin*

I hardly take painkillers. I prefer natural remedies. Here's what I do to cure my headaches:

1. Drink coffee/tea or anything with a strong dose of caffeine
American coffee doesn't really work because the caffeine content is too low. Certain soft drinks like Coke contain caffeine too but I avoid soft drinks because it might cause osteoporosis. Besides, it feels better to drink a hot drink when I've got a headache.

2. Get an orgasm or two or more
Masturbation would be more efficient (I don't need to find a partner) but sex would be more enjoyable. Sometimes the headache goes away temporarily and starts after sex stops so I got to say, "Don't stop!" The next time your partner complains of a headache, you can suggest sexual healing.
[Why I'd rather use my vibrator]

However, for some people caffeine and sex can worsen or even trigger headaches. Just do what works for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-Kym,

For me, I think one of the fastest way to cure a headache which I myself have tried and been doing all this while is by drinking isotonic drink. e.g 100 plus, Revive etc.

Because it's 'isotonic', it helps to stabilize the unbalanced ions in your body which causes headache. You can add plain water to reduce the 'gassy' feeling of the drink itself.

At least that's what I understand, just sharing..hehe

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks! That works for headaches caused by dehydration. I shall drink the non-carbonated ones :)

Anonymous said...

fastest way is, go to sleep! let your body rest n cure.

Yu-Kym said...

Sleeping makes it worse for me :( When I wake up the headache is worse than before sleeping!


Scientifically, there are a number of different reasons for headache. In fact, headache is just like fever - a mechanism for your body to communicate to you that your body is having issues. In actual fact, there is no way you can cure headache. All the methods suggested are not to cure, but to subdue or reduce the feeling of pain. The best way is to lie down and suspend your mind and physically body (sleep) in order to let your body recuperate. Having sex or masturbation will often worsen headache because your body is working extra hard to cope with the sensation of sex and trying to recuperate headache at the same time.

Yu-Kym said...

You are right that there are various causes of headaches. At the start of the post I explained the causes of my headaches. The 2 cures I stated only apply to me and may not work for other people.