Used panty fetish

A few guys have communicated to me their desire to acquire my used panties.

Unlike in Japan where guys can purchase used panties from vending machines, guys in Singapore have to source for used panties through other means.

I have seen used panties being sold on ebay and other websites. People can buy panties worn for a day or pay extra for these options:
- urine stains on the panty
- worn while masturbating
- worn while having sex
- worn during exercise
- worn for extended duration, e.g. 2 days
- picture of woman wearing the panty
People can also select the design and colour of the panties.

I've tried asking the guys what exactly they plan on to with my used panties but they didn't want to elaborate. I'm guessing they might sniff, lick, put it over their face, or masturbate with/into it?

I wonder whether it matters to them which gal actually used the panty. If they buy it off ebay or vending machine, they won't ever know whether the panty was used by a gal or a granny. Are they happy just imagining that it was used by a sexy gal?

I won't mind selling mine if the price is right. It saves me the trouble of washing them - when I do wear them.


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Selling used stuff is common in ebays or online auctions.. what make used panties uncommon is because firstly it's v personal, secondly the discharge on the panties belong to u only (some buyers want the menses stain too) and thirdly one might wonder why the buyer wants it.

I have heard of various reasons and the most absurd or funniest one is the 'buyer' wants to purchase in bulk so he can send over to undeveloped countries aspart of charitable act.. so selling panties can help the poor too :P

Heard an online friend said (dunoo how true) about one being involved in a case (thou they never met) but juz because of a used panty found on the crime scene and landed the poor seller in big scares.

Selling your used panty is like selling your DNA... nothing wrong but juz be careful.

'L' Krauser said...

I won't mind selling mine if the price is right. It saves me the trouble of washing them - when I do wear them. < like Oh.My.God. seriously!

andrewcha said...


ray 111 said...

what?? guys wants to buy used panties????don't sell yours! Forgive me for being superstitious but won't you worry of crazy guys with bad intentions go to see some kind of master to cast spells on you with your personal belongings??Think carefully babe. take care!

Joe said...

i guess not all will understand the fetish of some, It is just a harmless habit which most of us possess and not want to disclose to others.

Am glad that Yu is a open minded lady who don't mind sharing her thoughts. By the way, I am still thinking of something to offer her for her vibrator.

I read, I felt and I am ADDICTED to her.


David said...


Buying used panties is indeed a fetish.

I wish you great luck selling as many as possible. With your male following you could make a nice profit!

Three cheers for free market capitilism!

While I understand this as a fetish, I find it a truly wierd fetish.


Rock Hard said...

I do enjoy sniffing my lover's panty in front of them..
Give her an embarrassing shock though..
My real intention is to let her know I am so into her and smell too..
And frankly..the odour from a woman of my desire does arouse me tremendously.

So...after sniffing her knickers..what's left?
Get me a straw please.
I am going to suck it all out.

Anonymous said...

those mail-order used panties might be fake for all you know. it might be from some fat dude who wiped it all over his body sweat and saying that "she" used it for wiping her puss. sounds yummy already lol ? btw , i have nothing against fat dude as i'm rather plump myself. said...

Making your slave guy smell your used panties.. wow! And I thought no lady really actually enjoy making their guys sniff their used panties.. Just wondering.. how many slave guys do you have right now? How may one apply?

Yu-Kym said...

Rock Hard, I am surprised when a man sniffs my clothes. I might feel slightly embarrassed if I had perspired alot before that.

Anon, right, it might be fake.

weakling22, interested applicants should send me their "resume" along with close up and full-length pictures :P

Anonymous said...

Smelling a woman's used panties is sick!

It's something else when making love, performing oral sex on clean bodies and being caught up with steamy hot eroticism in each other's body and perspiration, but smelling soiled underclothes is a sick fetish!

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Why sick? Because it's 2nd-hand smell?

Anonymous said...

Smelling a perfumed bra or the smell of a woman on her bra isnt too sick a fetish. In fact it can be erotic to some.

But smelling a soiled panty with the contents of vaginal discharge and who knows what from the anal region is real pukey sick.

So its not 2nd hand smell.

It's just that there are certain disgusting extreme things one just dont do in the name of sex! Anal sex is another.

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, ah, so I see you won't be interested in shit fetish

Anonymous said...

hahaha gosh dont u think we have had enough of bullshit at work not to bring it into our bedrooms?

curious cat

Anonymous said...

Hi I am one of them that has this fetish... but for me, i prefer worn sweaty bra smell...
possible to contact me @ thanks...

Anonymous said...

What happens if ithe panty gets detected in the post?

Yu-Kym said...

Maybe confiscated by Mr. Postman.

Anonymous said...

Do those panties normally get detected by mr postman??

Anonymous said...

Confiscated by Mr!

Haha...good one.

Mario ozawa said...

Omg. Guys are sick!

Anonymous said...

hi yu-kym,keen in this purchase. please advice terms and ways of transaction.

Anonymous said...

Contact me at if you atr interested in selling !

Anonymous said...

No need to buy la. Jus wait for a rainy day then after the rain stop, go to any hdb block below, i'm sure u'll be able to pick up something. Sometimes ah so one, maybe got teenagers one... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

No need to buy. After a heavy rain, walk around any residential block. I'm sure u'll pick up something!