Sarong party girl (SPG)

I know it's not nice to label people but I really feel like doing it today!

The term SPG refers to Asian women who go for ang mo guys. I don't know how this term came about - perhaps the local girls used to wear sarong to ang mo parties - so don't ask me. There is no male equivalent for this term. Examples of local celebrities who are SPG's: blogger Dawn Yang, blogger Wendy Cheng, actress Joanne Peh, etc.

What are the advantages of being an SPG?
1. Statistically, ang mo guys have bigger cocks than Asian guys. SPGs in general get to "enjoy" bigger cocks. [For statistics, read the "Penis Matters" section of my book]
2. You receive better service when you are out with ang mos. Most service staff still treat ang mos like kings and locals like paupers.
3. People always say "mixed-blood" babies and people look nicer. (There are many experiments gone wrong but nobody ever says anything about those! I shall not say too much about that because I'm mixed-blood myself. Don't forget that "mixed-blood" people used to be regarded as pariahs. Read about it in my previous post, Little Nonya).
4. Ang mos who work in Singapore usually get paid higher salaries than local men for the same job even if both are equally competent and qualified.
5. The only type of property that (non-Singaporean) ang mos can buy in Singapore are condominiums. They cannot buy HDB. So the women would never get the marriage proposal which many Singaporean men use, "Shall we apply HDB?"

I had SPG friends. *emphasis on had*
I have no judgment on them whatsoever about choosing ang mo guys - I mean, nothing wrong with liking big cocks. The reason why I'm no longer friends with them is not related to their choice of partners but, rather, their character.

The SPG's whom I know tend to think of themselves as superior to everyone who is Singaporean. It's almost like they are thinking, "What have I done to deserve to be a local??" I felt as if they used me to further their own causes - be it as a companion to hang out with while they haven't hooked an ang moh only to drop me like a hot potato the moment one comes along, to boost their own ego by bragging, putting me down or just be looking at me (and thinking they are smarter and taller than me, etc). [See 10 Types of friendships-for-convenience]. They think they are so great but actually the ang mos can't differentiate the Singaporean women from Filipino maids*!

Ever looked at a group of ang mos and they all look the same to you? I can assure you that many ang mos can't tell one Singaporean woman from another. How to make sure ang mos can tell you apart from the other local women? Go for plastic surgery! I'm not saying all SPG's go for plastic surgery but that sure is one way of getting noticed.

I don't think local guys are better than ang mo guys or vice versa. Some ang mos objectify Asian women and love them for their exotic looks. But so what? The local guys objectify women too! There are just as many local jerks as there are ang mo jerks; there are just as many bitches as there are bastards.

* I'm sure Filipino maids are proud of their jobs and there is nothing wrong with working as a maid. But Singaporean women certainly won't want to be mistaken for Filipino maids.


David said...


There is a quaint saying on this side of the Pacific.

"You are trying to opnen a can of worms".

Meaning you might be setting off a storm of controversey with this post.

So IMHO, here is my point of view.

You know I am married to a Filipina, since 1995 an official citizen of the United States of America. So by many she considered Asian-American.

We met a work as many people meet. At the time I was a health care worker in an area hospital. Starting in the 1960s and continueing today, many health care work force shortages are filled in by immigrants from the Philippines. English is the second language there and the education systme is quite good.

While my wife is not a health care professional she was and administrative professional. Problably 10-15% of the hospital staff were from the Phillipines, so she was not the only person of Asian ethnicity. The U.S.A. continues to be a so called melting pot for people from every nation on this Earth.

A causcasian man with an Asian women does is not looked down upon, or for that matter draw any attention.

Those in our family who have had mixed/hybrid children have indeed produced some handsome boys and beautiful girls.

Wikipedia offers this defintion for SPG;
"The term has its fairly innocuous roots in the late 1940s-early 1950s when Singapore was still ruled by the British. As a general practice, the British forces personnel socialised very much among themselves, according to their military ranks and status (i.e officers and enlisted men). However, there were some instances when specific local guests were invited to social functions hosted by the British. The term 'Sarong Party' came into use to describe social functions which included local invited guests. The sarong is a wrap-around 'skirt' that is part of Malay formal dress popular among local men and women of the time. It is still worn today. Over time, the term has taken its more colourful meaning."

Here is an interesting explantion of Ang mo;
" Ang Mo(h) - Means translated “Red hair(ed)”
• Originated most probably from the 18th century british settlers arriving in Singapore for the first time
• Is widely accepted and used as a simple term to describe Caucasian / White people."

If Singaporean women prefers causcasian men one must know her underlying reasons. Maybe SG men have mistreated her, ignored her, any number of reasons. Perhaps she merely finds Ang mo more attractive.

For many the last reason is sufficient to pursue the causcasian male.

Happily married to an Asian women, thats me!


~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

I dun understand why some ppl love magnifying the so-called greatness of ang-mohs (fair enough if u are in for the love factor) but otherwise they are also humans after all and some worship 'em like as if they are deities when serving 'em and i feel like puking esp when i saw how some behaved on the planes..

Most of us can tell a Taiwanese/CHina/M'sian/local guy apart but i bet these SPGs cant differentiate an Irish, German or French but then again they are probably with 'em for the material comforts or their X-inch 'equipment' so it doesnt matter their nationalities so long as they are Caucasian by definition. This kind of superiority complex satisfy their emotions but mostly short-lived..sorry to say.

No doubt there are local guys who objectify women but i still prefer someone with the same norms and values (Oriental) brought up the same way i am or maybe im juz conservative lol :P

David said...


You are quite correct in that some people objectivy members of the opposite sex.

Some causcasian men have fetishes about Asian women based on large part from novels, movies and television.

They are rudely surprised when they meet an Asian women and find out they want the respect, good treatment and love, (when seeking a relationship), that women is most of the world seek.


Shaun said...

hahaha... always try to be deceitful this white boys ... when in their hearts, the educated Asians know what they are thinking...

Denial is also good, like the WMD in Iraq.

Charles said...

Tastes change. Some days I really want to muff some 20-year old Malay plumper rather than satay-sized Singapore Chinese. People call me odd but I say to them at least I'm heterosexual.

Anonymous said...


i am a Singaporean Chinese Man but having not smaller than Ang Mo Cock which i believe as i had done my home work but no women wants how?

Yu-Kym said...

Charles, nothing strange about that. I prefer Asian men.

Anon (Singaporean Chinese Man), did you compare your measurements against this chart:

Anonymous said...

Sometimes is not the cock size. Maybe should do a character and personality review.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, of course character, personality, beliefs play a part.
This other post may interest you:

Anonymous said...

Nice view. But I dont care abt so called ang mo 'superority' anymore. There r more impt things in this world to think abt. N should we not put spiritual things 1st?

Anonymous said...

Quick tidbits:

1) Eat beef, bigger frame, bigger cock
2) Interesting personality, good sense of humour, social animal, life of the party,
3) From Westernised developed countries, so looked upon by asians as superior
4) Dont bathe as often so smelly bodies
5) In Asia to work, so have qualification and career. (At least quite a number are mistaken to be so by the SPGs till they found out too late - they have been fucked well and good and dumped. Would they tell after all their previous bragging? Surely not!)
6) Chance to emigrate and have new life in the West
7) No qualms about dumping the girl as soon as things go wrong - western culture
8) Western values more decadent than Asian, but Asians dont gloat...we are catching up.

The above sums up the Ang Mohs. Of course we Asians have our fair share of these aspects too but generally speaking the above applies more to Ang Mohs than Asians.

Now about us Asians:

1) inferiority complex
2) hang ups, dull, uninteresting, no sense of humour,
3) Eat rice, smaller frame, smaller cock
4) everywhere u go, u see Asians, so what's the novelty about us - and most likely HDB flats instead of condos. (But when the SPGs follow the Ang Mohs back home, they will find that these Ang Mohs are not at the upper percentiles of the social ladder as they appear to be in Asia!
5) the best Singaporeans are taken already.

So whats left for the majority of women are the less eligible Singaporeans. So where else to have some fun but go to the Ang Mohs!

As for SPGs, I believe more often than not, they are dumped eventually either here in their own homeland in Asia or back in the Western countries they now call home. But at least they had fun whilst it lasted.

The exceptions are the likes of David and his lovely Filipina wife! But you tell me how many David-type of saintly men are there in the Western world that an Asian woman can marry and be sure of a good, happy, secure life? Very few!

As for me, if I am a woman, I would have the fun with Ang Mohs up to the limit of risks Ive accepted. Eventually, I will settle for a Singaporean man. If the good men are all taken, I will settle for myself. I've had my fun.. no need lesser men.

curious cat