Plastic surgery addiction

I don't dislike Rachel Kum. On the contrary, I think she looks smoking hot now. My posting of possibly her pre-surgery pictures is not an attempt to criticise her or shoot her down.

Plastic/cosmetic surgery is common these days. Even the auntie sitting beside you on the MRT might have had some "work" done on her. I neither approve nor disapprove of cosmetic surgery. It's not going to make any difference to what people would or wouldn't do anyway.

Other than the obvious surgical risks of the operations, which should by no means be ignored, another danger of cosmetic surgery is developing an addiction to it. In the TV series Nip/Tuck, the plastic surgeon identified many areas of improvement for a woman, who looks beautiful by normal standards, and it left her crying. In reality, the advice from the surgeon may not be so extreme. The surgeon usually asks the patients which part of their bodies they want to improve or might suggest one or two areas for improvement. After going through one surgery, there will be follow up sessions to determine whether the results are as expected, to check for infections, etc and also to ask the patients whether there are further areas they would like to work on. It's also the surgeon's job to ensure that the patients' lives are not put in danger from too many surgeries and to refer patients who suffer from plastic surgery addiction for treatment.

Plastic surgery addiction is real. There are people have have gone for countless surgeries and have spent all their money on surgeries but are still dissatisfied with their appearance. I personally know a few people who have spent beyond what they can afford on surgeries. And I'm sure you have heard of celebrities like Korean actors and bloggers who have done so many surgeries that you can hardly recognise them in their old pictures. Interestingly, many of them deny going for surgery! What's even more interesting is how their fans and supporters can insist that those celebrities did not go for surgery! How would the fans know?! And if the changes are obvious, e.g. A cup becomes C cup, how can they even deny it? What's the big deal in admitting to it anyway? But then again, what's the big deal in not admitting to it?

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Anonymous said...

I believe surgery on the face is okay? Like double eyelid surgery? Since there's double eyelid tape -.-! BUT BOOBS AHZ CANNOT CANNOT HAHAHA!

Yu-Kym said...

Just challenging your logic... there's push up bra so by the same logic about double eyelid surgery, breast implants should be fine too?