Is this Rachel Kum before surgery?


After pictures: Google

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Anonymous said...

Who is Rachel Kum?? And what surgery?
Or am I out of touch on the news? Haha...

David said...


Rachel Kum was Singalpore's representative at the 2009 Miss Universe competition.

Ms. Kum faced a scandal from racy photos of her taken before the Miss Singapore Universe contest.

Pictures can be seen at link below.

Rachel recieve criticism for her poor English and use of Singlish.

Yu Kym has been critical of women who appear to inflate the bust measurements and Yu Kym has written on the correct technique for determining bust measurment.

That is the synopsis of Yu Kym's bust size article and controversey around Ms. Kum.


Rock Hard said...

Rachel Kum, the Beauty Pageant who try to "Kum" er, I mean suck a male penis lookalike from a birthday cake.
Ya, what surgery are you refering here?
Face, boobs, genitals? what?

Anonymous said...

David, u got it wrong. Ris Low (Miss Singapore World 2009) got criticised for her poor spoken English on camera. Rachel Kum is Miss Singapore Universe who went on to Bahamas to represent Singapore, whereas Ris Low stepped down and did not go on to represent Singapore in Africa. Rachel is best friend with Dawn Yang (denied everything but we all know she had double eyelid job done). Rachel looked obvious CUP AA in the pics.. go to ehr website and you will see her flaunting pictures of her new boobs now which she claimed is size 34.. so nw we all know. kekekee

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Mm..saw her latest Halloween pics from my friend's facebook pgs..

Think most (girls esp :) can tell when u had a boob job done, the cleavage juz looked "it's man-made then naturally born".

Anyway, p.s. is so common now..ppl only feel disgusted and cheated when u lie.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is Ris Low or Rachel Kum, any of you derisive commentators got the guts to compete in a beauty contest - representing your country no less?
Come on, be a bit charitable. These girls are only young once. Let them experience life, chase giddy dreams, make mistakes - its part of growing up.
Guys modify their Mitsubishi Evolution 10 because they cant afford the real deal - a Ferrari. Why cant a girl modify her bust line to look good?

Anonymous said...

Hi Yu-kym~

Been reading your blog for close to a year already~

Just wondering, do you actually make friends with any of your readers? XD


Yu-Kym said...

Pink Miu Miu, do you have some pictures or writeup about what real vs fake boobs look like?

Anon, a very good analogy with cars.

Lynn, thanks for reading! I do reply to anyone who emails me - even the pervs, I just say thanks for reading or thanks for their "offer" and ignore the rest of their emails thereafter :)

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Mm write-up? no lah haha juz some general points which i learnt and agreed:-

-Breast implants tend to remain stationary and hold their shape, even when a woman lies flat on her back.

-Check for perfect half-circles around the top of the breasts (cleavage i think). Natural breasts will form a smooth natural curve at the top of the breast like the "M" Mac sign. Fake ones will have some 'space' in betwn which made it look un-natural.

But heard nowadays also got very natural looking pear-shaped breast implants these days, which are more difficult to spot by top circles alone maciam those AAA+ grade.

But juz like an authentic LV fan who will be able to spot the counterfeit ones immed.. :P

No offence to ppl who go for P.S. (in fact so common nowadays) thou personally, i feel unless it's for health or cosmetic reasons (eg. breast cancer, illness), there's risk involved going under the knives..

身体发肤, 受之父母。。应当珍惜。。 if u really must go, make sure u do it becoz u want to and not for the sake of anyone or under any external pressure.

Yu-Kym said...

You're the expert on spotting the counterfeit! I agree with you that the reason behind it for for P.S. matters, just like the reason behind changing one's character or habits.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Anonymous, sg public is not ridiculing plastic surgery. Public is just making a point as to why didn't a natural beauty won instead of someone who augmented her breasts and face? That's why we don't support her.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog btw

Anonymous said...

what is that?

Anonymous said...

she badly needs a boob job,any sponsors?

Anonymous said...

She's the defamed celebrity wannabe. Go find a real job miss. Stop trying to steal other people's job

Yu-Kym said...

I posted these pictures on 29 Oct. The same pictures were posted by someone else on Stomp on 8 Dec. Who stole what?

red_kity_29 said...

Kum made the best decision of her life to get a boob job, well done!