Giving and taking: You give, I take

I've been lectured by guys about giving and taking. I regard it as lecturing because it's stupid for guys to think I don't already know that. Lecturing me is hardly the way to make me do something for them. I don't usually take without giving anyway, although it would please me very much to that.

I think what they really meant was: You give, I take.


- One guy suggested that I should have asked him to watch movie (GI Joe) for which I had 2 free tickets together. When I said that it doesn't make sense for me to treat him to a free movie, he said it's give and take. If he had any sense left in him, he would have suggested treating me to a free movie.

- I mentioned in a previous post that a guy wanted me to serenade him.

- Another guy asked me to read him poetry. I asked him whether he should be the one reading me poetry and he replied that because I read and write so much, it's more appropriate for me to read him poetry.

- Guys I've "met" on the Internet have suggested that I cook for them. I'm not their mother!! It can be argued that they were trying to get invited to my place or for me to go to their place so that they can get into my pants. I think it would be better for them to suggest cooking for me instead. Of course, I'm never stupid enough to think that all they want is to cook for me!

- There are guys who ask me for presents when I go shopping, overseas or if it's their birthday. I'm shocked when I get such requests! Why would I buy them presents??? Maybe they think if I buy them something they will get to meet me. Wouldn't it be more likely for me to meet them if they bought me something instead? Cos I ain't going to buy them anything!

I don't date guys who expect to be receive first without giving anything. If this is the way it is before the first date, it's the way it's going to be after. I know that there are gals who are more than willing to go out on a limb to please guys and win them over but that's not my style.

Give me a service-oriented guy anytime. Best if it's service with a smile!

To the guys who lecture me about giving and taking, I'll say to them:
Oooh Mr Wolf, what big BALLS you've got!


STUMPBO said...

Wooo... why are the guys so hard up for "gifts"? I find it hard to believe, because if they were really interested to get to know you, they would have gone all out to "give" and impress in every sense. I guess, it is just their excuse to see you, although in an unconventional way. :D

Yu-Kym said...

Maybe such guys have the old-fashioned Chinese thinking that women should serve men. During my school days, gals used to cross-stitch items or fold paper stars as gift to guys whom they like.

dark snow said...

ei...i thought gentlemen always "give" first? i mean, that's how we are thought, pull out the chair, open the door, pay the bill etc...

maybe the world is changing....but heck, i am still young and a chinese as well..

Yu-Kym said...

That's what I thought too. The world is changing too quickly for me to catch up :(