G-spot stimulator

I was disappointed to find my g-spot stimulator out of order :( Much especially after I had to abandon my other vibrator. Looks like I need a brand new set of toys for Christmas!

I don't think everyone has seen a g-spot stimulator before so I'm showing a picture here. It's not as big as a dildo. The curved portion goes into the vagina is designed to hit the g-spot. The part that looks like rabbit ears is meant to cradle and stimulate the clitoris. There is speed control dial for the vibration.

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Anonymous said...

... how do your work colleagues and family react to your openess towards such sexuality? isnt there a line between privacy and openess?...

Anonymous said...

Kesian kat you !

andrewcha said...

wow, wish i can play with it along too. does it work?

Anonymous said...


Yu-Kym said...

No, doesn't really work lol.

What i write about is pretty much adult education, not porn. So I think it's ok. We are all adults anyway.

Anonymous said...

One question, nothing to do with this subject but i hope some one out there can give me some advise.

Me and my wife used to enjoy sex. from 3-4/wk gradually reduced to 1/wk, 1/month sometime even close to 1/2 months. It all happened within 5 yrs time span. I knew partly was due to the exhaustive of taking care 2 childs.But my sex desirement still at large as before and i think 2/wks should sounds reasonable to me...

Here comes the problem, my wife seems lacking the sex drive.It's a fact that she was caught up in taking care of the kids and house chorus. I do not want to betray here for paid sex outhere to calm me down but i am a healthy and supposedly sexual active man, am i got to helplessly knee down to god and ask for way out. I try to be considerate ,i understand i can't blame her ...but i need SEX.

Any constructive advise will be very much appreciated.TQ

Anonymous said...

whats so difficult??

1. Help her with the chorus (most important)
2. Give her a massage (often!!)
3. Buy her sexy cloths or gifts
4. Talk to her, appreciate her, praised her

again.... whats so difficult?

5. and maybe.. lose that huge belly

Anonymous said...

you need SEX. try these. these are my personnel experience
a. talk to your wife about your sex
b. have sex in odd hour eg earlier am, pm if your kids are not around
c. try bathroom sex very interesting & exciting
d. watch adult movies with your wife. this will improve your wife sex drive
e. my advice never ever betray your wife

Anonymous said...

Hey Yu-Kym,

Look like you got a dual thing going on at teh same time ..huh...both g- spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time. But teh thing with the g-spot thang is ...it may not 'land' at the rite spot...hehehe

Rock Hard said...

I got one of these for from the internet
Wireless compare to picture shown.
Lot's of mobile freedom.

I give it's effectiveness...
2 out of 5 star.


The vibrations are weak.
The material use is too latex..
Mine's even got ribbed texture compare to the picture.
The so called rabbit is useless.
cos the vibration there is the weakest
Made in china.
Cost like it's made in the USA.

My partner says my fingering is better than the toy itself.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon who posted "my wife seems lacking the sex drive". I've written my thoughts on it. http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2009/11/my-wife-is-not-interested-in-sex.html

Anon, ya it might not land at the right spot cos all women are different.

Rock Hard, your partner is lucky! Nowadays everything made in China. So fast spoilt :(