Female superiority and domination

I think I now understand my recent lack of interest in men and preferring to use vibrators instead [Why I'd rather use my vibrator]. The breakdown of my vibrators have led me to re-evaluate my position.

As mentioned in my other post [Dominant vs Submissive women], most Asian men prefer their woman to be submissive, even in bed. Most men prefer to be served rather than be committed to service of women, evident from the number of men who would pay to get serviced by women. Society, culture and religion are the major influences in shaping the minds of men and women. Don't we think it's normal for men to the be "head" of the family and for women to play a supporting role? Do we make a big deal whenever women assume top positions of power as presidents and CEO's? Do people frequently criticise "hen-pecked" men and advise them to be more "man" about handling their female partners? The answers to these questions are Yes. We are taught that men should be the ones in charge; women are made to serve men.

Many women do believe that their place in a relationship is not one of power and have come to accept that it is normal and appropriate. But if I employ the very uncommon common sense, I realise that such beliefs are not true at all.

Men are the ones who are always seeking sex. (Women seek sex too but they hardly have an difficulty getting some.) Men should know that they must serve women and ensure their carnal satisfaction in order to keep gaining access to women's bodies. Women should be treated like goddesses not servants. Women should know how powerful they are sexually. Of course, men are no fools. They have made up laws, rules and even religion to oppress women. When a women uses her sexually to gain an upper hand, men (and other women) cry foul. But mark my words, such women are not bimbos as people would like to think of them. Women like Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton made their fortunes by using their sexuality and acting stupid.

Some guys try to convince me to serve them by giving me the give-and-take lecture. Initially I thought I might not be the service-oriented type of woman. But upon further consideration, I realised that my lack of wanting to be of service is due to my perception that those guys are simply unworthy of my service. In fact, they are deemed unworthy to even be my slaves.

This is the part where you are allowed to laugh, puke or fantasize. Perhaps I've got a super big ego problem and am narcissistic. I think of myself as a goddess. When I strip myself naked and look in the mirror, and think about my state of mental and physical fitness, I think I totally deserve the title. Any man who wants to get close to me should sing my praises, bring me gifts and commit himself to completely to the service of me. And if I deem him worthy and grant him the privilege of looking upon my body, he should be most grateful and thankful. He should bow down and worship my body and the ground I walk on. He shall be rewarded and punished according to my terms. He does not need to understand what my terms are for he is merely a slave that I own. A slave's duties include:
- cleaning the house, serving me food, doing all my laundry wearing nothing but his underwear and a dog collar,
- licking my feet when he's down on all fours,
- giving me a foot rub when I come home,
- presenting himself on all fours on a table for me to examine him like at a dog show,
- taking pictures of me,
- applying moisturizer on my body,
- being used as a footstool,
- begging for mercy as I whip him into submission,
- being tied up and not allowed him to touch himself,
- being tied up and suffocated while I sit on his face,
- kneeling before me and giving me head,
- using toys on me and washing them after I'm done,
- touching and licking any part of my body that I command him to,
- doing anything and everything that I tell him to.
If I can find a guy who is willing to do all these, I'll be more willing to have sex rather than masturbate.

I am most willing to voluntarily commit myself as a slave to a man, but only if he's an Adonis or a god greater than myself.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there cutie. High standards! I'd love to find out ;)


Anonymous said...

and if I'm willing to do all that like you wish....will you have sex with me? :)

Anonymous said...

unless you are very good to give in and sexy, we shall think of that......let try

The Unconscious said...

well not to brag but I am very good in giving and prefer it that way rather than receiving. I dont know how you would define sexy though.
Plus I'm totally different that they type of guy that you posted before - Im hairy, with guts, dark....
so...I think I wouldnt be your type then

Anonymous said...

you look too good for anybody
you will never satisfy yourself if you treat the him as slave
at the end you will forever use the sex toys>>>.. & forever!

David said...


This is an interesting and definitely an unusual look at female-male relationships.

Your view of power and sexuality is a bit alien to me and my way of living.

Totally missing from your discussion is any mention of caring, affection, or love.

The occasional fantasy played out, male slave submissive to you in this case, is find for an occasional diversion. But fantasy sex is not the basis for short or long term relations.

I hope I am completly wrong when I say that reading between the lines of your recent series of posts, I detect a general lack of satisfaction with you sex life. No long or short term relationship with a single man.

No doubt you are fit and physically attractive, that much is obvious from your photos. You have a great craving for knowledge is some area and are highly opionated. Strong and independent.
(Me thinks you might have been born with the heart & soul of an American and born in the wrong country...)

I do wish for your success and happiness, but your path seems to wander over much that is superficial.


andrewcha said...

wow! Looks like a bondage for me!

Anonymous said...

David, what the heck you think only American know how to think? Very funny, stupid and self centric type of thinking.....


Anonymous said...

Poor you, living in the wrong universe. Even if you found such a lapdog, how long will that last?
From some of the comments, seems you are perceived as a sex-seeking tart.
Find yourself a nice cuddly man - not easy - looking at your past adventures, find a guy who can forgive, and forgive, and forgive.... because you have got a sex drive locked down in high speed.
Believe me, sex is better with a cuddly guy who will shower you with love, lots of affectionate hugs, listen when you struggle to release those demons preying on your mental health, cares for your future, etc.
By now, you should realise that women are not suitable to have numerous sex partners -you lose your self respect.
I hope someone is looking after you - take care.


Anonymous said...

hi yu kym,

try play "never touch the ground" game whereby your slave should not allow any part of your body to touch the ground for a period of 12-15 hours...

need to be creative especially when it comes to bathroom "itineraries"...
as for the rest, basically the slave just needs to carry you around all the time or to become human floor mat...

David said...


Ouch.... comments recieved!

Your advice to Yu Kym is very sound!


Yu-Kym said...

(I think it's appropriate for me to respond to all comments in this post as a goddess. Don't get offended!)

Hi connor, if it pleases me, you will may to find out.

Anon, for you to ask "will you have sex with me?" already shows that you are not a worthy slave. A true slave shall live solely to serve and satisfy me.

(2nd) Anon, there is nothing to "try". Once you have given yourself to me as a slave, you shall be bounded to serve me forever.

The Unconscious, it's not sexiness that I looking for in a slave but total submission and obedience to me.

(3rd) Anon, "you will never satisfy yourself if you treat the him as slave". How would you know?

David, if it's alien to you how did you come up with so many comments? Btw I'm not meant to be American; I'm a goddess.

JBee, you are wise. The gods shall reward you accordingly.

(4th) Anon, your view of the world is limited by the tiny aperture of your mind.

(5th) Anon, thanks for your suggestion.

David, your view of the world is limited by the tiny aperture of your mind.

David said...

Yu Kym,

What I find a bit alien, (perhaps that is the wrong word here..preoccupation might be more appropriate.) Is your facination for the slavery fatansy.

As stated enjoying and playing out fun & harmles fantasies is healthy for a couple.

The sex slave fantasy is one that never interested me.

BTW if I were small minded I would not visit sites around the world, read, and learn.

Yu Kym, we are both opionated, and your independent spirit sets you apart from many young women.

Have fun goddess, be kind to us non-believers.


Joe said...

I love woman like that, I am not just addicted to ur blog. I love to adore u like a Goddess and obey your command and instructions.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

I love all the 'slave' duties u mentioned haha :P and if u do find such guy, dun ever let him go...no matter what LOL ^^

Shaun said...

that is why still single.

Yu-Kym said...

Joe, continue worshiping me from afar and one day you May be rewarded.

Pink Miu Miu, slapping the slave would be appropriate. If a guy grabs your boobs on the dance floor, you can go home and slap your slave.
If a slave ever gets a goddess like me, he won't want to ever let me go. ^^

Anonymous said...

this might sound weird but my lady boss is a bitch but i had fantasies of humping her each time she gives us the face. doesn't help that she has a sweet voice and face and really great boobs .

Yu-Kym said...

You just think of her as possibly a bitch in bed too. If you were submissive, you would be thinking of serving her in other ways.

Joe said...

I not only adore your body but I adore you for your openess and the way you write, you are the Goddess whom I love to be your slave.

From Your obedient slave Joe.

Doppelganger Studios said...

Really good stuff, I am an eager Adonis myself--cool to see girls who like to take the dominant position.

I am exactly like you Yu-Kym.When I married my present husband 16 years ago I was really submissive to him and he was the Master but my ego refused that and eventually after 10 years of our marriage I used his weakest point to dominate him...........SEX.
Now he is my slave and he enjoys me dominating him and he does all what you have mentioned and more..........he is my private toilet too now.
I humiliate him by having sex with many black men in front of him and he is only allowed to take photos or movies and masturbate but no sex unless he begs me for it.I feel much more superior now and I like my new life as a Mistress now.

Anonymous said...

Well, this article will be highly appealing to submissive readers like myself. Too bad there are no (or very few) women like this.

Gin said...

Hi Yu Kym

Sound like you are a very interesting person I really would like to get to know.

When i was in Canada many many years ago, I did serve my GF just like the way you've mentioned because when she's happy, I am happy too.

Although In private, i was her sex slave and person maid but in open, we were like couple.

I really would like to get to know you if only you could gave me a chance.

Let me know how i can be in touch w you.


Anonymous said...

I'll cum on your face, you'll be asking for more after i'm done stuffing you up with my 8"

artistkinky said...

good to keep a guy in underwear n collar!
you should use too, take pics of him in that ordeal and make sure u have a regular helper at home.

imagine makin him log into his personal email for you in exchange for his wallet, phone and clothes. =D

Ben said...

I am willing to serve your highness :)

Anonymous said...

Just came across this blog.

hahaha all u goondus out there who react negatively or believe all of what Yu-Kym said. Cant u all see that you have all played right into her hands? She's having a good laugh! Good for her!

I find her ravings on "slave and goddess" more hilarious, amusing and teasing than anything remotely serious! She is much too intelligent and wily than to believe she will ever dominate a superior man like the way she lays out. More likely, she will serve the man as good as she is being served by him. That is what i think she will settle for...a more or less equal partnership with a man she respects. I would bet too that she prefers a slightly dominant male for her to look up to for security, comfort, wisdom and occasional guidance.

In conclusion she is not looking to be her royal highness....she is looking for THE royal highness! keke duhh to you all!

curious cat

Anonymous said...


This is for you.

Pls do continue with your vibrator than to succumb to the apparent charms of an incompetent man who only thinks of his pleasure. Most men are selfish. If he does not respect u as a woman who deserves more or less equal treatment, Im sure u would be better off playing with yourself. keke

It's not a shame. It's a matter of self esteem and class. We all have physical needs but I for one would rather be by myself than someone i'd rather not.

So go get a good toy! Make sure its from Japan. I still like things manufactured direct from the land of the rising sun keke

curious cat

Anonymous said...

If any of you guys are self-respecting men worth being called a "true man", you will not enjoy nor allow a woman to treat u like a "slave" as defined by the very funny "goddess" Yu-Kym!

Coz it is clearly evident everywhere u go now that even a dog is treated better by their lady masters than the way Yu-Kym's hilarious "goddess" will treat her hapless backboneless men.

But if u wish to indulge in kinky harmless, just-for-fun and variety role-play sessions of "slave and goddess" with your woman, then by all means go ahead. I can personally vouch that it is definitely a plus to your sex life! keke

So all you aspiring adonis'es and venus'es out there, go play and enjoy your sex games/role plays. Just dont gradually get duped into becoming a real slave. Be a dog is better. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, you are so wrong.

Anonymous said...

Am i? Pretty rare. hahhaha All of it? hahahha It has been fun and amusing to me. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

Because you don't have this fetish so you don't understand. Your reaction isn't the worst. Some people are disgusted by it.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I dont understand. So its a fetish...sort of like harmless role play. Not that u seriously think you are the domineering superior woman!

If you are the latter and seriously meant it when u say all those disgusting things...yes disgusting...u wana do to your "slave"...then i think you are mad!

Shocking! And i dont waste my time with a mad woman's blog.

curious cat

Anonymous said...


I wish to try another track to understand you better. I want to know how "severe" is your fetish about goddess (master) and slave! So I want to know if you will take the same medicine you will dish out to your slave keke

I want to suggest reversing the scenario. Supposing I'm your Master and you're my slave. What do you think of the following:

1) when i come home, i want u to be there always to greet me like a dog. I expect you always to be naked on all fours, lapping up on me and obeying to all my commands and wishes.

2) If if wish to fuck you anytime, you shall grant me. If wish you to give me a blowjob, you shall do so and swallow my cum each time i pump into your mouth.

3) If i wish to urinate on you after my orgasm, you shall swallow my urine each and everytime.

4) you shall live naked in a cage whenever i do not wish for your presence. But i shall provide you with some basic creature comforts and sanitation within the cage.

5) as you are my slave bitch, you shall be fed only dog food..but i will give u the best from the pet shop as i want u in tip top condition to satisfy my desires.

6) you shall tatoo my name on your butt cheek to permanently etch your total allegiance to me.

7) Should i wish to enjoy watching a male doberman or bulldog fuck you..you shall indulge in my wishes. I will ensure that the animals are blindfolded and stimulated by their own female species scent and sexual secretions before they enter you from behind.

The above are by no means the end of what i can think of. I'm not even suggesting anything extreme "extreme"..but what i propose to do to you above if you are my slave is already utterly disgusting and comes from a mad man.

Now Yu-Kym remember what you said:

"I think of myself as a goddess. Any man....commit himself to ...me. He shall be rewarded and punished according to my terms. He does not need to understand what my terms are for he is merely a slave that I own. A slave's duties include....doing anything and everything that I tell him to".

Now, I want to know are u equally mad as me your Master? Are you equal to the same tasks if you are the slave of an Adonis or God of your desire?

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

curious cat, because you are not the God of my desire, I cannot imagine doing any of that with/for you.

Anonymous said...

hahaha typical woman....always back down from a challenge!

I said "supposing" coz i want to see if you can take as well as you dished out! lol

I'll grant you this prerogative....an escape clause...ok I'm not your God of desire. keke

I've also concluded that you are not mad... I'm glad i was right...those disgusting tasks you have written...just a publicity stunt! Couldnt imagine continuing to read your blog if I believe that you are a deranged woman. lol

curious cat

Yu-Kym said...

It's not called madness; it's fetish or sexual inclination. If you don't have such fetish, you will think it's mad. Some people have shit fetish (http://yu-kym.blogspot.com/2009/07/shit-fetish.html). It's not my thing but there are people who love it.

Anonymous said...

Ok you're not mad or whatever. It's just a sexual inclination. At least i know you will not carry out those so called "fetish"....those disgusting tasks on your slave! lol

I will continue contributing to your blog. keke

curious cat

Chris said...

Well I would fulfill all points on your slave duty least. Besides I am even good looking and relatively smart (for a man!^^). Won´t post anything to prove that though, you just have to believe it!^^

The thing is though, that I found already a soul sister of you. Chinese American btw. And we are even married now.(I took her last name...it´s quite funny when a white European guy like me has a Chinese last name!^^)

So well she really shares practically everything you write in your blog when it comes to female domination. At first I even thought you are her! No kidding!

Btw she was also close to giving up looking for a guy like me. Luckily I stumbled into her life though.
(Thank you internet! Without it I would never have dared to openly look for a domme).
To the "subs/slaves" who think now, there would be many of them; I can only say, that you are wrong. Real dominant woman, who look for submissive men on an every day relationship bases, have a very hard time to find serious slaves for long term. At least the "sane" slaves which you can also show in public!^^

So well good luck to you Mistress Yu Kym. I am sure if you seriously will look for a slave like me, that you will find someone somewhere. If not then ... well ... my Mistress has bisexual tendencies and thought about getting a bisexual dominant woman as her 2nd partner. Maybe that could be ...

Nah, nah! Now I was just kidding. She would kill me if I would ever be with another woman, even if she thinks and looks similar to her.

Anon. said...

You must not find it very attractive in a man to not be able to dominate. Most normal women do not.

What causes the fires of lust to burn within you more: A man submitting or a man dominating? Not just in bed, but in life and the real world as well.

Submissive men are disgusting and are to be pitied. They are the talking doormats of the world.

Even more disorderly are the men who are entirely willing to submit and emasculate themselves. They must be so desperate and loathsome that they can't attract beautiful women for themselves.

Women already have their control of their end of sex -- all they have to do is look pretty and be in good health, and men come knocking at their door.

You must be deathly afraid of men who can dominate, since they constantly dominate you in the real world, and they can take their pick of beautiful women who are easily willing to become theirs. Or maybe you just can't find a dominant man who finds you attractive to any measure so you make up this "I am a goddess" fantasy to yourself to feel better about your predicament. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous'es perception of Yu-Kym I think is generally heading in the right direction but I think he may not have hit it right on the mark but comes quite close.

The primary problem is Yu-Kym herself. When she is in self-denial, she is obstinate, she closes off alternative views just because she thinks she has done enough to believe she is on the right path, then for a long time her thinking will shape her situation.....stagnation if not deterioriation.

curious cat

paul said...

An incredible blog!Your candour is amazing, Madam. And to post this in a blog alongside many mainstream topics is a bold step toward raising the profile on such things. You are a Goddess, Yu-Kym, and i worship You from afar.

Steven2001 said...

lol! Funny how desperately some dominant guys, who seem to have studied psychology in Kindergarten, try to "cure" her!

Well in case Yu-Kym should ever wonder if a macho guy could be her type, she just has to look at the women who were used, abused and then discarded and then switched for younger women by their "great" dominant males.

I was also thinking it would be interesting, if Yu-Kym would put this as a profile on a dating site.
I really would be curious to see what the overall reaction would be.

Anonymous said...

Do you accept applications for this position?

Anonymous said...
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