Do you really have a high sex drive?

Most men are happy to state that they have high sex drives. Biologically, men generally do have higher sex drives than women.

However, I do not really believe it's as high as they claim it to be. Many men use the excuse of a high sex drive to cheat on their wives/gfs or visit prostitutes/massage parlors.

A man's sexual ability is often linked to his self-confidence. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can cause a huge dent in his ego and self-esteem. On the flip side, strong erections and a high sex drive make him feel, well, manly. As a sign of manliness, many men intentionally seek sexual relationships or services to make themselves feel more manly. It's even possible for a man who claims to have ED to visit prostitutes! [See article] Why do you think men make little attempt to conceal their affairs? It's not because they are not smart enough; it's because they consciously or subconsciously want to flaunt it.

There are people out there who look down on married men who have never had affairs before. Men who don't have affairs have greater self-control. They should be respected not looked down upon. But some "friends" would even jio their married or attached male friends to go KTV, and if the married friends refuse to go, they get teased. "Friends" like these deserved to be kicked in the balls by the wives/gfs, and perhaps we should call the owner of SCU148L to participate too.

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Joe said...

Was looking at your photos, cant help but confirm I would love to be ur SLAVE. How can I contact YOu my GODDESS! LOve to savour every single inch of your Body.

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Mm.. i thought regardless of race/gender, one would definitely make attempts to conceal their affairs (no matter what reasons till the day they decided to call it quits).

Men, maybe generally not as merticulous as women :P so tend not to fully cover all traces of evidence of cheating as compared to a woman..of course it's a diff story if the man ask a PD to investigate...

Nowadays, men or women or even teenagers, cheat and sometimes when u thought u are the 'winner', u are actually the ultimate loser when u lose someone who loves u unconditionally... the someone who will probably burn a josstick or say a prayer at yr funeral.

JAPB said...

I agreed with this..

""Friends" like these deserved to be kicked in the balls.."