Do you believe in horoscopes?

I don't. I roll my eyes whenever someone tells me that he behaves in a certain way because that's one of the traits of his zodiac sign. A few days ago, a friend told me that he's a Taurus therefore he's XYZ. I shared with him my opinion that characteristics of the zodiac signs are so general that anyone, including people who are not born in those months, can relate them. However, he was insistent on believing in horoscopes so to put the matter to rest, I suggested we research on the horoscopes at a local bookshop.

So we met yesterday at Borders. I randomly picked out a book on horoscopes and read out the characteristic of the Taurus man and asked him line by line whether those were true. He agreed with what was in the book and was getting a little cocky. Now, I did not intend plan to do this but, seeing his cockiness, I got the idea to read from the pages of the Gemini man. As expected, he was in complete agreement with those characteristics too. I showed him where I was reading from and he was like WTH! I admit it's kind of evil :P

Anyway, we also checked out the Chinese zodiac descriptions and almanac. The descriptions were most confusing with mention about houses, planets and stars. We did not read next year's almanac but last month's and this month's. Both the English and Chinese zodiacs indicated that my friend would have no romance any time soon. As for me, apparently I have illness and quarrelsome stars to take care of. All the "warnings" were pretty general, e.g. thinking carefully before making a career switch, being on your guard at work. Oh ya, but one specific advice to my friend was to buy a (fake) rooster and place it on his desk at work!

By this time he was pretty convinced (or so he said) that he shouldn't believe in horoscopes anymore. I figured there were no hard feelings about my evil recitation of the traits of a Gemini man because he bought me coffee (at Starbucks - not the other type of coffee).

Why do many people believe in horoscopes? Some Christians believe in them too!

1. People like to have an identity.
- Saying that I'm Singaporean or Asian is an identity.
- Being from a certain school is an identity.
- Following a certain religion is too.
- Being a Man-U fan is also is a type of identity.
By identifying themselves as "something", people feel like they have common interests or characteristics with other people. There is a sense of togetherness and common understanding.

2. People don't think logically.
How can millions and billions of people possibly have the same fortune, misfortune or character solely based on their birth dates? My younger sister has the same zodiac sign as me but we are completely different. Friends born in the same Chinese zodiac year as me are most certainly different in character and have different fortunes!

3. People need yet another excuse for their bad behaviour
- Geminis are indecisive. It's a good excuse to use if a guy can't make up his mind whether to get married or not.
- Taurus are inflexible.
- Aries are flirts.

4. People want to give others a reason to believe that they are something which they are not - because their horoscopes say so!
- Sagittarius are honest (don't you trust me? Sagittarius are honest people!)
- Taurus are reliable (yes, you can always depend on me because I'm a Taurus.)
- Scorpios are intuitive (you must trust my gut feeling. Scorpios are intuitive so I must be right.)

I think people tend to read something about their own horoscope and they grow into it. I, too, was tempted to believe in horoscope at some time in my life. Now I believe that we are the people whom we want to be. Even if I'm by nature hot-tempered, if I really want to be patient, I can be that. I do not have to and should not be resigned to being hot-tempered just because my horoscope says so. I certainly do not believe that everyone who has the same zodiac sign as my friend would have no luck in relationships in the near future. Life is what we make of it; not what our horoscopes say it's going to be unless we allow them to be self-fulling prophesies.

Btw, my friend injured his knee during soccer practice after coffee. No warnings against sports were mentioned in the books!


walaueh said...

hi Kym, your friend know that you are somebody very famous in ?

Anonymous said...

Just to note that Horoscope are seriously just an extremely vast of database and information that had been collection since thousands of years ago.

The real problem is that the calculation needed is pretty details and the DoB needed would need to be as precise to minute, as every 4 minutes there will be some changes, making everyone different, also, that include where you are born as the star sign will be different. Then, astrologist will need to determine where is your planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Juniper, you name them).

Therefore, those book you get from the bookshop will not be as precise. You will need to consult a real astrologist for that matter. =)

Just my 2 cents.

Hahaha... I don't really believe but still i like to read them...
If everything follows the horoscope, life will be a lot easier than we have now.

David said...


Horoscopes are a complete waste of time. You are correct in that most people who follow them, use them as lame excuses for certian behaviours.

The position of the planets early astrolgers based horoscopes on were innaccurate.

The so called convergences, harmonic or otherwise, which believers thought would bring about great changes or events, never occured.

ABSOLUTLEY NO BASIS IN SCIENCE to support this contrived system.


Yu-Kym said...

walaueh, ya my friend knows. I asked him whether it was ok for me to write about this before I wrote it.

Anon, thanks. I can't prove that astrology is 100% incorrect so maybe what you said is true.

kaiheng, haaa ok for entertainment :)

David, there are many things that science can't prove (yet). Religion is one of them :)

David said...


Are you saying atrology is a religion?


Yu-Kym said...

Not to me but I believe there are people who regard it as a religion.

David said...


WOW, news to me that some use astrology as a form of religion. If there are groups here in the States, I have not heard of them. (not that I would waste my time to seek them out.)

My final word, for what its worth. The scientific debate ended on astrology a long time of go.

The word is astology is a psuedo-science.
Entertainment is about the only useful purpose for astrolgies existence. The online astrology site, newspaper columns, and numerous books serve to keep a number of people employed, and the ones using such information occupied.


Yu-Kym said...

I don't think they say that astrology is their religion but they sure behave like that it is!