The conspiracy to make women feel they need men

I can't open the battery cover of my new handphone. There are many bottles and jars that I can't open either. Some caps are too small or too smooth to be turned with my bare hands. Some products are wrapped in plastic too many times, e.g. vitamin bottles are sealed with paper, plastic caps and plastic wrappers, and the plastic wraps are difficult to remove. And how many women enjoy opening a can? I can literally break a nail doing that. I hardly make a second purchase of any products that are difficult to open.

I can't help but feel frustrated when I can't open stuff and have to use rubber bands, clothes and even pliers to open things. Unfortunately with my handphone, I can't use pliers or a flat screwdriver. Such feelings of frustration are often accompanied by the thoughts that if I had a man around, he would save me alot of trouble (guys never have trouble opening anything!). The fact that I don't have a man makes me feel upset in such situations.

Shouldn't manufacturers test their products so that women can easily open them? Would manufacturers even bother? The answer clearly is No.


Somewhere some guy thought: Ah ha! Let's make things difficult to open so that women will realise that they really do need men when can't open items on their own! Because every woman should have a man around to open such things for her. If she doesn't then she should get one. If she doesn't want to, then let's make her life hell!

I'm not saying I don't need a man or I don't want to need a man. But rather, why do I have to be punished for not having one?

Women in package design: I urge you to make products easier to open and unwrap.
Men in package design: Think about your parents with arthritis, think about your wife/girlfriend when you are not around (i.e. dead - some guys don't want their wives to re-marry). Do you want them to suffer?


David said...


The problem here is POOR design, miserable instructions.

Some manufacturers test products to avoid such problems, in this case SoneEricsson did not. Complain loudly to the people who sold you the phone, complain to SonyEricsson.

Your blog will spread the word in a useful manner.

Maybe you can start another phase in your career as a consumer advocate. Could be a good job as you are attractive, write well, and likely have good presence when talking to a group.


Anonymous_CB said...

LOL. I do agree women should be easier to open/unwrap.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? A phone manufactured that you cannot open it's battery cover?! That's kinda stupid isn't it?


Yu-Kym said...

Thanks David. I find it's tedious to complain. Don't think I want to do it as a job. I'll just end up telling consumers: Don't like it? Don't buy it. You are very kind to say it's POOR design.

Anonymous_CB, depends what the women are wearing. Some clothes are very tight!

connor.84, I am serious :( It's seriously stupid.