Are dancers sexier and easier than non-dancers?

I used to go to Zouk almost every Wednesday for what we used to call "Mambo nights" when I was a student. I just checked Zouk's website and am surprised that they still have "Mambo Jumbo" on Wednesdays! They play 80's music on Mambo nights. Actually 80's music was way before my time but since it was trendy, I figured that I should learn to enjoy it too.

My parents didn't enjoy my late nights out and threatened to lock me out but that didn't stop me. I don't know why I was initially willing to queue to get into Zouk. Later on I realised the faster way to get in was to make friends with the all-powerful bouncers.

I loved dancing and could dance all night till the club closed at 3am. I do drink some alcohol but not to the extent of feeling sick and spending half the night sitting on the floor in the ladies' room. Drinking too much is one thing. The other thing to be aware of it drink spiking. It's flattering to be offered a drink but some stranger but I didn't think it would be a good idea to accept it. I only drink "fresh" drinks, i.e. I see it being opened (if it's in a bottle) or made by the bartender right in front of me. (Of course, it could still be possible for the bartender to be in on it too). I was aware of the dangers that lurked out there. I've heard of gals getting (gang) raped after having their drinks spiked, getting pregnant or worse still not remembering anything and being sterile as a result of the drugs. Thankfully nothing like that ever happened to me. But I did get molested by a fellow student.

I didn't know him well at all. He was just a senior in the same course as me. We were dancing together (not dirty dancing) for a length of time then the song "Uptown girl" came on. I do express myself physically with my body - arms and all - and perhaps a little more when there's space. Anyway, there's this part of the song that goes O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-h and the singer sings higher and higher then lower and lower so I raised my arms up and lowered them according to the tune. The second time, guessed what happened?! That guy decided to raise his arms too and them got them to land on my boobs!! I can't remember whether I slapped him or not but I sure hope I did. I never spoke to him again.

I get the impression that guys regard gals who express themselves more while dancing enjoy sex and are easy compared to the gals who just stand around and don't dance. And there are guys who assume that all gals go clubbing to get laid.

I think dancing is sexy. Given a choice (and everything else remaining equal), I'd choose a guy who can dance over one who can't or won't. Both dancing and sex requires the person to be comfortable with his/her own body. Dancing to the beat requires coordination and a good sense of rhythm which is necessary for good sex too. It might be possible that people who enjoy dancing enjoy sex more than those who don't dance. But just because the person enjoys dancing or sex does not imply that he/she is easy!

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~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Yeah babe, i like your last line =)

Im learning both exotic and pole dance and both are fascinating and addictive.. to me yes dancers are sexy coz there's juz this element that eludes naturally in each of 'em and so irresistible :P

People who love dancing or learn dancing generally either love the art of dance or for work purposes or learning it to satisfy their partners (only).

Too bad there are some axxholes ( i bet u cant even shake yr axx probably) who think dancers are easy juz becoz they can dance or whatsoever, i say "Go to hell".

David said...


I will agree that dancers appear sexier.

My wife and can Tango, Cha-Cha, Rumba. FoxTrot, and do a romantic Waltz.

For us, dancing keeps our romance going. Sometimes, most often in fact, we will dance on the only wood floor in our home, a small space in the kitchen. But the intimacy of movement, leading and framing my partner is always fun.

A good dance partner does his best to show off his partner, to help her move better and therefore look better.

Being happily married means I do not dance with single ladies, except for the occasional dance at a wedding or newyears party with a niece or sister-in-law.

Now please, no one make fun of the older married guy.

Yu-Kym, what kind of dance is your favorite?


JAPB said...

Yes I agree.. Dancing is sexy..

I'm taking up belly dance and totally loving it!

Gonna try exotic and pole dance some day..

Yu-Kym said...

~Pink Miu Miu~, I take it that guys have assumed you are easy just cos you dance? Did you slap any of them?

David, sounds like you have lotsa fun on the dance floor! I understand the positioning of the thighs makes it inappropriate for you to dance with other ladies. I like dancing to the techno / dance hits. Ballroom dancing requires a certain amount of thigh-rubbing with some other guy so that's out for me!

JAPB, have fun!

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Hi Kym, actually i dun go club scenes (infact almost never hehe, unbelievable hor?).. but i love dance and did some dance videos + my dressing so prob ppl who dunno knw me sometimes misunderstood.. until i make clear my stands + convictions..

I wont slap 'em even if it's face-to-face, civilized ppl use mouth, not hands lor so yes, i would be saying (inside my heart KKNBCLP and pray they never get laid :P)

Yu-Kym said...

Pink Miu Miu, I understand why you don't go to clubs. Clubs are usually too crowded and there's not much space to dance. Then there are sweaty guys who splash their sweat all over others when they swing their heads. Yeee...

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

Ya lor... somemore swing their heads? i can imagine 'raindrops' keep falling on my... lol :)

Sorry forgot to subscribe so din see comment till now..

Anonymous said...

men (and women) have built-in instincts that dancers are sexier and are better in bed... but doesnt equal to easier targets i'd say..