10 Thoughts of boredom during foreplay or sex

I think most people won’t admit to feeling bored halfway during foreplay or sex because they don’t want to seem ungrateful. Here are some of my brutally honest thoughts that cross my mind sometimes during foreplay or sex:

1. I can’t feel anything. I wish it’s bigger and harder. Of course I got to tell you it's the biggest and hardest I've ever had. [Held at gun point in bed]

2. It sure is smaller than what you described it to be / I thought you were joking about it being small.

3. Ah peh underwear and ah peh cock placement :(

4. Not shaven. Sigh. Old-fashioned. [Men's underarm and pubic hair]

5. Is THAT the hardest and fastest you can go?

6.. Er, that’s not working for me. Must I teach you EVERYTHING? What a waste of time. I’m better off using my vibrator.

7. Yucks, that’s a lot of fat in your belly. I can't see your cock. Your boobs are bigger than mine. [Fat sex]

8. Is that homemade dick cheese?

9. You’re using Chinese/Hokkien words to describe how you feel in bed??

10. When is this going to end? I’m hungry / I want to pee / I am sick of it.

I don't always go all the way. I sometimes stop at foreplay because I'm already bored! It’s possible that my partner and I are both bored with each other! I don’t claim to be the most sexciting woman on earth.

Though I dislike the quote from the 2004 movie Alfie, I believe it's true.
"Whenever you meet a beautiful woman just remember somewhere there's a man who's sick of shagging her."

I’m sure guys do get bored halfway too. What thoughts of boredom run through your mind during foreplay or sex?


David said...


Consider that the boredoms cause could be the lack of real love in a relationship.

If your partner is a one night visit, then the emotional component that comes with a loving couple play is missing.

A guy can speak with nice words, but someone you barely know, or simply do not know well, results in sexual engagement and emotional emptiness.

The above is IMHO.

Have a great weekend!


BTW: donate to the local Red Cross for earthquake and Tyhpoon relief.

Part of Asia are suffering from recent events.

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk.. I'm shocked! I hope those thoughts weren't running through your head then ;)


Shaun said...

Hmmm... your past lovers would be on that list?

Yu-Kym said...

David, what you said true for me but only to a certain extent. I am more likely to get bored by a guy whom i don't love. But it's also possible for me to get sexually bored with a guy I love.
Conner84, not any one of these 10 :)
Shaun, not all. Some guys can't be considered my partners cos I don't proceed far at all.