Why do some women dislike receiving oral sex?

Some possible reasons:
1. They think it's unhygienic.
2. They feel self-conscious of their own taste and smell, the appearance of their vaginas.
3. They don't like giving oral sex. Receiving oral sex means that they would need to reciprocate.
4. They have more nerve endings in the vagina than at the clitoris so they prefer penetration. [How do women masturbate?]
5. They just want a quickie.
6. They are considerate. It's a hot and sweaty day and they have not cleaned themselves yet or it's the time just before or after their menses. So they lie that they don't like oral sex.
7. They feel selfish to be just lying there, receiving and not giving.
8. Oral sex is abnormal sex as defined by certain religions. Doing it makes them feel guilty.
9. Oral sex is illegal in Singapore. (does anyone really care??)
10. The man is bad at giving oral sex.
11. The man's beard, goatie or 5 o'clock shadow looks sharp and rough.
12. The man's fake teeth are a turn off.

I get my best orgasms (a.k.a OMGO) from receiving oral sex so I'm usually ever-ready for it, but #6, 10, 11 and 12 apply.
#6 - Unless the guy is particularly turned on by a dirty or bloody vagina, I'm not going make him do it.
#10 - From my experience, not every guy knows what he's doing. It can be painful rather than pleasurable. So if he's bad at it, I'll just request for him to do something else that he's better at. Or if there's nothing else, then it's time to go home.
#11 - I don't like beards and goaties. [Men's body hair] 5 o'clock shadow I guess can't be helped if the guy's hairy but he should avoid rubbing it on me.
#12 - If I'm a man maybe a woman with fake removable teeth would be a turn on.

Oh ya, some women don't like to be kissed after the man has been down there for the same reason some guys don't like to taste or swallow their own semen :)
[The taste of semen]


Anonymous said...

my partners can only achieve orgasm by me doing oral sex. I had to get good at it. Any tips for me to be better at it form a lady's point of view?

Anonymous said...

Just lick and suck......

Mr. Hmm said...

yo yo, mr anon, u definitely need to improve your skill not only at oral, but sex also!

and the best tips is, imagine you are licking on a plate of honey, chocalate (or the food of ur choice) :D


Mr. Hmmm.. Hmmm...

Jaden Diaz said...

#7, may not always have to "just lying there"...
can be the man lie down and the woman sit on top of him...
or, the more adventurous one will be the woman sitting on the man's shoulders in reverse position...kind of like reverse shoulder ride...

#3, I think it's because of the misconception from SATC...
personally, I think not always... I have a huge turn on if I can get my girl take off...

#6, what about after 2 hours of tennis ? ;)

guy said...

so far all my partner enjoy received oral sex. I enjoy it too.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, not all women are the same so there's no one special way to do it. Personally, I do not like having my clitoris sucked but some women might love it.
Mr Hmmm, most guys will not be able to reach the G-spot with their tongues. Perhaps you are endowed with a very long one.
Jaden Diaz, #7 I didn't mean "lying there" literally. Whichever position it may be, the woman may not be comfortable with only receiving and not giving. #3 what's SATC? I think guys usually want to receive too if possible. #6 Applies to 2 hours of tennis too.

Jaden Diaz said...

Hi Yu-Kym,

#3, SATC is Sex and The City. It's amazing how a TV series forms perception about sex, dating, and relationship to so many women.
Well yes, receiving is definitely nice, but isn't giving better than receiving ? ;)

#6, I meant, once I did it after 2 hours of tennis.

Yu-Kym said...

Jaden Diaz, from a guy's perspective, perhaps you might think SATC forms perceptions. However, as a woman, when I watch it, I go "OMG someone else also thinks this way!"
Nobody gives something for nothing.
Some people experience more satisfaction from seeing their partners satisfied than others. Where sex is concerned, I enjoy receiving more than giving :)

Anonymous said...

i like giving oral to a lady too and if she performs oral sex on me, it will be the icing on the cake but if she doesn't want to , it's not a big issue at all.

Anonymous said...

If you can lick somebody's G spot, then you must be a giraffe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon (Dec23). I like your comment.I laugh so much that i want to cry lol.
If a person can lick the G spot, he is definitely not human...hmm...his tongue and penis have swap places. A Penis that comes from the mouth...I wonder?

Anonymous said...

may be a dog can do it :P

Rock Hard said...

Like an Artist.
I love painting.
The only difference is, I am painting her private part with my saliva and tongue.
I call that a Paint Job when a man gives oral sex to a woman.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy oral sex is the highest form of love