Vaginal douching

(Douching means applying a jet or current of water or liquid for medicinal or hygienic purposes.)

I know most of you here are guys, so why should you care about vaginal douching?
Answer: The health of your partner's vagina affects you in the end. So for your own good you should read this :) [Nobody gives something for nothing]

Perhaps you think your partner's vagina does not smell good and you advise her to douche. Or you know that she douches because you see the bottle in her bathroom.

While douching may seem to make the vaginal discharge smell more pleasant or give you the idea that it washes or cleans the vagina, doctors advise women not to douche. Why?

Cleanliness and bacteria
1. Some women douche to remove traces of blood after their menses. But douching disrupts the natural acidity level in the vagina, leading to vaginal irritation and infections.
2. Infections, bacterial and acidity imbalances in the vagina can cause the discharge to smell bad. Whatever relief douching offers is only temporary. Douching can even worsen the problem.
3. Douching introduces more bacteria or even drives the bacteria further up into the uterus and fallopian tubes thus worsening the problem.

Diseases and pregnancy
4. Douching does not reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted disease and viruses.
5. Regular users of vaginal douches face a 73% greater risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) -- a chronic condition that can lead to infertility, or even death, if left untreated. Bacterial vaginosis and PID can have serious adverse affects on pregnancy including infections in the baby, labor problems, and preterm delivery.
6. Douching seems to reduce the chances of pregnancy because of disturbance to the reproductive organs. However, it can be argued that it pushes the sperm further up into the uterus and therefore increase the chances of pregnancy. Do note that douching is not a form of birth control.
7. Douching increases the chance of ectopic pregnancy, i.e. pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Ectopic pregnancy can be life-threatening and can also make it difficult for a woman to get pregnant in the future.

Women should not douche before visiting the gyne because it makes it more difficult to detect any bacteria or virus. The gyne may douche them at the clinic if needed or recommend douching as part of treatment.

The vagina cleans itself naturally - there are secretions every now and then in between menses. The external area can be kept clean by washing it with water. If you must use soap, use specially formulated feminine hygiene wash or wipes available in pharmacies like Watsons or Guardian.

I prefer to use feminine hygiene wash but when I'm overseas, I just use water.
I don't douche. I've smelled and tasted myself... think I'm alright down there :)

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[Reference: Women's health]


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