Vacation posts updated!

I've uploaded my photos and completed the write-up! Hope you'll have as much fun reading as I had writing :)

Miri: 22-24 September 2009

Labuan: 21 September 2009

Brunei: 20 September 2009

Labuan: 19 September 2009


Anonymous said...

Nice journal! How did you go about planning your tour? I take it you went the harder route and actually looked through guides etc before picking the places to visit etc. I'm extremely lazy and always go the 'group package' way, but I always feel like I'm missing out.
Anyhow keep writing!
And you have a fan in me. HJ is too much of a whinge to get through.

Yu-Kym said...

I didn't go through guidebooks. This was a last-minute decision. I didn't do much research and I didn't have any maps. I can do days of research and still not have a good idea of what to expect. There's nothing like being there on the ground. With a mouth and a smile, it's not hard to figure things out :) Everywhere in the world I've travelled to, the locals are always very helpful.

If you're travelling not on a tour, you have to be prepared for change in plans - if you had any in the first place. But travel agents will always arrange for you to go to the usual tourist spots. So it depends what sort of traveller you are. If you like things to go according to plan and to visit as many places as possible, then package tour is for you. If you enjoy some uncertainty, discovering places and things off the beaten track, experiencing the how people there live, and have determination and don't freak out easily (you could get stranded), then DIY is for you! You can always start off with a short trip someplace where you can speak the local language.

Anonymous said...

You look so sweet and nice and informative post.wish i could travell with u one day...JB Gun

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks JB Gun!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your blog, i went there last week, mostly follow your experience, the bed of cosy hotel's to soft so after one night tay, i was swithed to Miri hotel, cost rm 89 per night without breakfast.
I also met a lot of kindness and friendly Mirian there, this trip let me have full sweet memories...

Yu-Kym said...

Too soft? I thought the bed was too hard!
Glad you had a good trip! :)