Sweat marks

I wore this Adidas sports top today for my 6km trail run and I got sweat marks over my abs. What a strange place to get sweat marks. I perspire alot around my chest area so I guess my perspiration drips downwards (like a river through the valley... haa). I paid only $18 for this top so I can't complain... This picture was taken 45 mins after I stopped running. The material sure takes a long time to dry. My tummy felt cold! Oh ya, in case you're wondering, sports bras are meant to flatted the boobs against the chest to minimise "boob jumping".

Most of the time I would regard sweat marks as embarrassing but some guys told me that they find sweat marks on women at the gym sexy. One guy told me that he found the pespiration on my chest sexy too. So now I don't really care if I've got sweat marks.

For the rest of you who don't like having sweat marks, here's how to avoid them:

1. Choice of colours
Dark coloured clothes are good for hiding sweat marks. Grey coloured clothes are the worst! They emphasize sweat marks like no other colour! I don't own any grey clothes now but that's more because I had to wear a grey coloured school uniform for 2 years. Both shirt and skirt were grey. Truamatising.

2. Choice of fabric
Wear material like cotton or quick-dry sportswear fabric. Sweat marks look very obvious on silk and sheer-materials. Besides, they do not allow you skin to breath so you perspire more.

3. Use antiperspirant at a certain vital spots
I'm sure you know where. By the way, to minimise blisters on your feet when wearing new shoes (without socks), apply some roll-on antiperspirant on the areas of your skin that are in contact with your shoes. The reduction in moisture and added stickiness reduces the friction which causes blisters.

4. Wear less
The surest way to avoid sweat marks is not having any fabric covering your skin. Sleeveless tops give your body more ventilation. Or you can take it to the extreme and no wear anything :P

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip on how to avoid blisters while using new shoes. I'll try it with my new shoes. I do find ladies with sweat marks sexy too.

Yu-Kym said...

Ok, let me know whether it works for you :)

David said...


I would guess you have walked around your apartment without anything on when it is really hot. Have you noticed that when it really hot, high humidity, that even when naked you still feel uncomfortably warm.

Of course one cannot go in public that way.

I am happy summer is ending in the northern hemisphere. When it gets cold, (late October until next March), one can stay warm by putting on layers of clothing.

I digress.

Enjoy the bloggers party!