Singapore Blog Awards 2009

(This blog post was selected as one of the best post-event blog entries in the Singapore Blog Awards 2009.)

I suppose there are many pictures posted on the Internet about the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 Awards Presentation Event already. I took a number of pictures but I didn't have a good view/angle and they didn't turn out too nice. Besides, I don't know how to use my camera in that sort of lighting. Actually the truth is I can't be bothered about how the pictures turned out (you can pretty much guess that from my non-photoshop-ed pictures). Snapping away was just one of the things to do to keep myself occupied, given that I attended the event alone. I shall not horrify with you too many of my badly-taken pictures at the event. Instead, I'll write more about what I observed, heard, did and my usual bold and brutally honest thoughts.

The event really wasn't about the giving out of awards. I think gatherings like these are always about the people - those who participated in the event, and those who organised it.

I arrived at SupperClub at 7.20pm. I was greeted at the door by a cheerful gal who guided me to the lift. I held the lift door open for a guy. I started some small talk and found out he's a staff of SPH. Friendly guy.

When the lift door opened, I was ushered to the registration booth and was given a Fabrix Cases camera pouch, drink coupons, a lucky draw coupon and a sticker which says "NOMINEE Most Insightful Blog". I was asked to stick the sticker on myself but I didn't. I don't always follow the rules.

From Singapore Blog Awards 2009

There are 2 levels at Supperclub. There was a performance going on by a The Teng Company. I remained at the first level and started conversations with 2 friendly SPH staff.

From Singapore Blog Awards 2009

From Singapore Blog Awards 2009

The guest-of-honour, Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo, impressively arrived on time (VIPs are usually late) accompanied by bodyguards and followed by The Gordinator (for a moment I thought it/he/she was part of the entourage). It blocked my view for a considerable part of the evening and I don't know whether it would understand me so I didn't voice my concern. I striked up a conversation with a gal standing beside me. She told me that she was there with her boyfriend to represent Ms Chor Lor. I asked her whether she knew Mr Chor Lor is a winner and she said that she didn't know.

Mr Yeo gave a short speach but I think everyone was waiting for it to end. It was a good move on his part to keep it short. Upon request, he later penned the phrase "The mind has advanced but the heart remains the same." Wonderful, concise insight into the mind of a foreign affairs minister! I think although people of different countries try to understand one another at mind level, it's really the heart that connects people.

Next, the winners of the awards were announced. You can view the results here. To my disappointment, I did not win the Most Insightful Blog award. As stated at the Blog Awards website, "This category is for serious blogs with interesting and revealing insights, analytical reports, dealing with various social issues." I guess my blog isn't *serious* enough. But I'm not going to change my writing style just to win an award. Besides, as I mentioned in my interview with OMY, I've only started blogging this year so I have less content than other finalists. Excuses!!!

When the winner of the Best WTH Blog was announced, the gal and her boyfriend beside me exclaimed, "OMG! I can't believe it!" This I think, is an indication that the winners don't know beforehand who the winner would be? When the guy went up to collect the award, a few people laughed. I think they thought he was Ms Chor Lor. The emcee said he has a private interview scheduled with Ms Chor Lor. I asked the gal whether it was true but said she wasn't aware of the interview. We shall see.

The winner of Best Modeling Blog turned out to be much smaller in person. It's a job pre-requisite for them to be very thin. Anyway there's always Photoshop to make certain parts look bigger.

From Singapore Blog Awards 2009

From Singapore Blog Awards 2009

After the awards were given out, there was an interval. I had the chance to meet the editor of Lianhe Wanbao. He's such a nice, gentle guy. I was asked whether I'm still angry with him about the articles about my blog in Lianhe Wanbao. [See Lianhe Wanbao articles, 30 June 2009, 11 August 2009]. I said that I was never angry but more amused. I took a picture with him and he even helped me snap photos with Mr Yeo and the OMY editor (she's sweet and nice!). I also got to meet Alvin, whom I heard played a big role in the organising committee.

I went over to talk to Mr Yeo and suddenly many photographers crowded round to take pictures. I find Mr Yeo friendly and humble but I was a little dumbstruck. I'm glad the bodyguards didn't drag me away. But on second thought, perhaps that could have been quite fun!

The award of the other prizes continued soon after. No surprises there. But I was surprised when they declared Yongwei the ambassador for Koka! His prize was 2 BOXES of instant noodles. Were they trying to say:
a) if you eat Koka noodles you'll get as "big boned" as him, or
b) if you are on a diet and want to lose weight you should eat Koka noodles?
(I seldom eat instant noodles nowadays but Koka is my favourite brand of because it does not contain MSG.)

From Singapore Blog Awards 2009

I didn't have any luck with the lucky draw. I'm surprised they gave out one prize to a guy who had the ticket to a lucky draw number + 1, i.e. they drew 116 but his ticket was 115. WTH! Anyway, apart from the top prize of a 42" LCD TV, I wouldn't have wanted the other prizes. One of the prizes was a 3-day museum pass *yawn* (sour grapes).

Prizes were given out to the 5 best-dressed. I wasn't dressed in bedroom attire so I wasn't expecting to win anything. You can see some pictures here. Naomi Liu and Holly Jean would have won prizes if they didn't leave the event early.

I was delighted to receive a goodie bag from Alvin as I was leaving. The re-usable bag contained a T-shirt, a few packets and bowls of Koka instant noodles, a ST701 eco-friendly LED torchlight that does not require batteries (wow! just nice for my trip to Miri!) and many pamphlets. The OMY team certainly understand that nobody likes to go back empty-handed. I'm sure the team must have put in much effort into getting sponsors and packing the goodie bags.

It was a great choice of venue, emcee was fun, and logistics and scheduling went smoothly. Best of all, everyone I met and spoke to was friendly and wonderful! I am grateful to OMY for organising the Singapore Blog Awards and to SPH for publicizing my blog in the newspapers. I will participate again next year!

Now that I've finished brown-nosing, I hope I'll win one of the 5 ST701 external harddisks.


dark snow said...

thought u might have one...

David said...


For writing online only one year, you are developing a following. Whether people agree or disagree with your POV you do provoke thinking people.

As your ability to research, and think out what wish to share with the world your analytical abilities will improve.

Be willing and able to change. I have enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to your second year of blogging!

Best wishes for success!


Yu-Kym said...

dark snow, better luck next year I hope!

David, my 1st year blogging anniversary will be in Dec. Long way to go! Thanks for your support!

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yay free plug

Yu-Kym said...

YongWei, what plug?

YongWei said...

plug means......"free credit" yupyup

sandra said...

Too bad that you didn’t win but congrats on the achievement so far =D I always missed trooping events but I hope I can join your next trooping events… ^^

r4i kort

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks Sandra!