Sex during menstruation

Some guys say that they enjoy having sex when the partner is having menses because it feels extra wet and lubricated. I suppose such guys need to be able to endure (or enjoy?) the smell and sight of blood without fainting.

Sex during menstruation is forbidden in some cultures (and religions too I suppose). Women who are menstruating are forbidden from entering certain places of worship too. It's no wonder some people think of this blood as dirty. But did people stop to think where babies came from? Babies are made from by this blood and I don't hear people saying that babies are dirty. And if babies are made from this blood, then all human beings are dirty. (Hmm... maybe we are).

So is it ok to have sex during menstruation?
Of course, it's ok!
From a woman's perspective, sex helps to relieve stomach cramps and sometimes women can feel especially horny during this period so sex is definitely desirable. However, some women may not like the mess or the smell of blood or may have their reservations due to cultural or religious influences.

Personally, I've never suggested to any guy that we should have sex during my menses or trick/lure him into it. I will just state that I'm having my menses and he just says "ok," I take it as he doesn't like the idea of bloody sex. I certainly don't want him fainting on me halfway!

Caution: Blood is a good medium for transmission of bacteria and viruses including HIV , so those at risk should not have sex during menses - or ever have sex without condoms.

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David said...


Based upon what I know is sex during menstruation is really the womens choice. Some women are not uncomfortable with the idea, although men, as you mention might have a probelm with bodliy fluids.

Menstruation is part of every women's life. Some men handle this better than others. For me it is no problem. My wife and I agreed upon handling that time of month and I am more aware of her feelings during the days this menstruation occurs.

You caution regarding the danger spreading STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) cannot be overstated!


Anonymous said...

Blood is of course holy just like babies are. But if its dirty and contaminated then its no more holy.

having sex during menses means that man have no respect for woman. If you say its okay .... you are nothing but a sex object to a man.

Sex should have its limitation. we are not ANIMALS where everything goes!

Anonymous said...

how about oral sex during menstruation? Your mouth will be filled with blood...

David said...


"we are not ANIMALS where everything goes!"

Mr. A, animals are directed by Instincts.

There is no anything goes save for procreating for continuation of the species.


Anonymous said...

Added bonus to doing it at that time of the month...
No need to worry bout shotgun! Muwahahaha

Yu-Kym said...

Anonymous #1 who mentioned "having sex during menses means that man have no respect for woman." May I know how you were influenced into thinking this way? This is the 1st time I'm hearing this so I'm curious.

Anon #2, there are people who shit fetish who enjoy eating shit during sex so I'm sure there are people (and vampires) who enjoy having their mouths filled with blood.

Anon #3, there's still possibility of pregnancy. E.g. some women have irregular periods, extensive bleeding that overlaps with ovulation, etc.

Anonymous said...

hmmm sex during period eh? i tried it before, well, once in a blue moon, i still will do it if i am horny. hahaha...

blood don't really scare me, the mess do. well, as experience increase, sex during period is all about preparation. towel, tissue/wet tissue, dustbin neaby to dispose your condom (you dun want to left a drip of blood behind on your floow, don't you?) and so on...

there are 2 benefits from this, even though it is not 100% "pregnancy-proof", i would like to gamble on my luck to cum inside of my partner, well, this is the only chance that we can enjoy the "creamy pie" sensation right? lol...

well, the other benefit is that, pussies then to be tighter during periods, why or how, i don't know. experiences told me so. :D well, most of the time, it hurts me a bit... why?? you tell me~ :D

Mr. Hmm...

Yu-Kym said...

Mr Hmm, hope you enjoy your strawberry pie!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... yaya, i should call it "strawberry pie" instead :D

Mr. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Now that you have touched the topic about Sex during menstruation, could you give your opinion or advice sex during pregnancy?


eemoo said...

I think its not safe, my reasons :
# At the time of menstruation because of the blood that helped out, inviting germs come, because germs loved blood as a medium of their growth. During sexual intercourse, the friction-friction occurs at the vaginal wall that allows for cuts or abrasions on the vaginal wall, causing infection of the reproductive organs.
# Time period that the channel between the vagina and the uterus (the cervix) is open so it will be easy entry into the uterus disease

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think there is no right or wrong to have sex during one's period.
Most people dislike it because it's bloody and health reasons.
However, if it is done between faithful Husband and wife, there is little or no difference of catching a disease whether during period or off period.

Some female actually found that making love during their period seemed more enjoyable than off period. Again this is not conclusive. Maybe, if there are more female willing to share your experience in this thread are most welcome. It will make this discussion more interesting. What do you all think?