Pain fetish: pain is pleasure

Some people get sexual satisfaction from inflicting or receiving pain.

There are many ways to do it. To name a few:
- Hair pulling
- Love bites
- Spanking
- Boob or balls squeezing
- Putting objects into the vagina or anus to cause pain
- Hitting or kicking each other
- Dripping hot wax on parts of the body
- Use of pain-inflicting sex toys such as chains, whips, nipple clamps, etc.

In this infamous video here, a woman was seen hitting her boyfriend in the groin repeatedly with her shoe and then pinching him there, and he just stood there taking the hits without retaliating. I bet it's really painful. Is it an abusive relationship or simply foreplay? Only they can answer this question.

There's no conclusion as to why people derive sexual pleasure from pain.
Personally, though I'm afraid of the pain, I can't deny that it heightens my state of sexual arousal too. The first time I had my boobs squeezed too hard, it was really painful but I was surprised to find myself extremely aroused.

It's obvious that not everyone would enjoy receiving pain but don't forget that some people might be uncomfortable inflicting pain. As with all sexual activities, people need to be aware of and respect their partners' likes/dislikes and limits.

Remember to have a code word. It's a signal to your partner to stop when the pain is too much for you to endure. Don't choose words that are commonly used during sex like Stop, No or Coffee because such words can be misinterpreted or might turn your partner on even more. Better choices of words would be things that are boring and unrelated to sex, e.g. dictionary, spectacles.


Roger said...

From their body language I think the girl is punishing him. The girl is obviously outraged over certain personal matters, and want to teach the guy a lesson.

K Mugunthan said...

That dumb guy should learn to stand up for himself instead of being such a pussy.

Yu-Kym said...

Roger and K Mugunthan, I do have the same thoughts. But I don't know whether certain things are more than meets the eye. 1 possible reason is the guy is in some way indebted to the woman, e.g. he made her go for an abortion in the past.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy pain on my feet. need a heavy woman to step on my toes with high heels. but embarrassed to ask.