Labuan: 21 September 2009

I returned to Labuan from Brunei yesterday evening. Am I glad to be paying in Ringgit instead of Singapore dollars! I checked back into the same hotel but a cheaper room (Rm88), then went for dinner. There are 2 Chinese coffee shops nearby. Both were packed. The service at the first one was very slow. After sitting there for 3 minutes still nobody came to take my order. From the expressions on the faces of the people at the next table, I figured they were waiting for someone to take their orders too. Not wanting to wait any longer, I left and walked to the other coffee shop.

This one was packed full but most tables had food on them and there were many service staff - which indicates that the food probably won't take that long to be served. There were no empty tables so I asked whether I can order my food first and get it in the queue while waiting for a table. The service staff agreed and I stood around for a few minutes till I got a table. The food was served rather promptly considering the crowd. It appeared that the boss had called his whole family to help out that night. My food came in a packet because they thought I wanted take-away. The lady who looks like the boss' wife put the food onto a plate for me. It started raining heavily. Rain was beating in and people had to pull their tables further into the sheltered area. The cats, too, were seeking shelter under the tables.

Crowded coffee shop.

Cat eating scraps off the floor at the coffee shop.

Upon returning to my room after dinner, I found 3 cockroaches in the room. I killed 2 and left the last one where I found it - under the kettle. I didn't request for a change of room like I did yesterday. I think all the Rm88 rooms have cockroaches - didn't want to have to kill more in another room. They should pay me for my roach killing service! I couldn't plug my camera charger into the socket but I wasn't going sightseeing anywhere the next day so I thought I'd figure that out later.

I stayed up till 1.30am watching HBO. I don't have a TV at home. The only opportunity I get to watch TV is when I'm overseas :) I didn't have to wake up early the next day anyway.

I woke up at 10.30am. How lovely to be able to sleep in after 2 consecutive days of early rising! I had 1 prata/roti canai and teh terik for breakfast. On my way to breakfast, I heard someone calling me. I turned around and it was one of the crew from the Brunei-Labuan ferry. He was carrying a few bulky plastic bags. He said he was going to catch the ferry. He's Muslim so I wished him Selamat Hari Raya.

Chinese coffee shops were packed during breakfast time.

Another Chinese coffee shop.

I saw many people heading in the direction of the mall so I followed them there. Most of the shops were closed. The ones that were open are owned by the local Chinese (who don't celebrate the Muslim festival). I was happy to find the shops where I had seen nice bags and shoes, when I went there on Saturday, open. I bought a haversack for Rm24, a work bag big enough for my laptop for Rm36 and flipflops for Rm10. From the Parkson department store, I bought my favourite Maybelline mascara for Rm27.81 only! Way cheaper than in Singapore!

I had lunch at a coffee shop called Kar Fu Restoran. I like the Ee Mian in soup here. I had it the day I arrived and wanted to eat it again. This coffee shop is nice because they play instrumental and oldies instead of other types of music. I ordered their homemade Mango pudding. It was very fresh and yummy!

Kitten in the restaurant

After lunch I went to take some pictures at the Labuan Square and visited the small 2-storey Labuan Museum (free entry). The tourist information center located beside the museum was closed. Apparently they think tourists don't come on public holidays. Maybe they are right? I have not seen any Europeans in Labuan. I must be the only MAD tourist here!

Labuan Square

Labuan Square

Abandoned hotel opposite Labuan Square

Tourist information and Labuan Museum opposite Labuan Square

Tourist Information - closed

Official table and chair used during signing of Labuan agreement on 16 April 1984.

This and other boring stuff in the museum so I shall not bore you with them. My favourite exhibits are the Samurai sword, bayonet and Katana.

Samurai sword

Sheath of Samurai sword

Sheath of Samurai sword




On my way back from the supermarket, I saw these 2 kittens. The black-and-white kitten was initially wailing loudly because it was all alone. I carried it and place it beside the other kitten that was asleep then it stopped crying. While taking pictures of them, a guy walked by and remarked in Malay that someone had thrown these kittens away. I don't know how true it is. They could just be strays. But then again, it's quite unlikely for the mother cat to leave the kittens out in the open like that.



There really isn't much to do here. The residents of Labuan seem to be eating, drinking, playing computer games, playing pool and perhaps some vandalising for leisure. There are many pool houses around.

Pool house

That's why I'm sitting in a noisy gaming LAN shop again. Someone's playing techno music very loudly in the gaming room. I'm having a hard time concentrating on writing. It's 9pm now. I'm going back to my room to watch TV.

I'm flying to Miri tomorrow. I hope I will get to dive there. I can't wait to get wet!


Accommodation: Rm88 x 2 nights
Shopping: Haversack Rm24, work bag Rm36, flipflops for Rm10, Maybelline volume express turbo boost mascara Rm27.81


Vick said...

Besides your usual sex-related posts (where I've learnt a lot from), I enjoy reading your 'travel' posts too. It will be nicer if you put some photos you've taken along the trip.
Keep it up. :)

Philip said...

You should have more things to do once you are in Miri.Not planning to visit Mulu or Niah National Park?

STUMPBO said...

Wow you are brave to venture out alone, even though your friend couldn't make it. Just discovered your blog from the Blog Awards, haven't read earlier entries yet. Enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

i'm new to your blog and i luv every posting you posted. keep it up! i am putting your blog under my blogroll and i am going to read your blog everyday. anyway welcome to malaysia! I am a malaysian staying nearer to you, JB..
Anyway i personally near been to east malaysia and i hope can post nice place and good food to eat when you're back to singapore so that i know where to saty and eat in the event i go there one day.. Thanks and take care...Luv you...........JB Gun

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym, you are quite right. There's not much one can really do in Labuan. Did you try the lobsters? The seafood there is pretty cheap including alcoholic drink.

I hope you will have a more enjoyable trip to Miri. We do have diving spots here. Well, it is not the best compared to those popular one but I understand it has quite a fabulous sight.

If you like nature, hiking or tracking, you can try going to the Niah Cave, Lambir Waterfall or take a trip to Mulu. Don't miss it if you are here. I guess that's one of your itinerary. Have a great time here and ..Welcome to Miri!!!


Roger said...

RM 88 hotel has cockroaches? Shocking! Maybe in RM 30 hotels but certainly not in your class of hotel which is in the moderately priced category. Wow, you are brave to murder two cockroaches. Most ladies would run out screaming! BTW, Miri's Imperial Mall and Bintang Mall have food courts on their top levels.

Yu-Kym said...

Vick, I will be posting the pictures once I get back to Singapore :) I'm very backdated - no wifi device to upload my pictures with.

Philip, I just dived today in Miri and will be visiting the Niah caves tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Hope I don't get hit by bat shit.

STUMPBO and Gun, :) Welcome! Hope you keep reading.

Gun, I'll post something about my favourite eating places. I will need to find the exact shop numbers before I can post them.

sfjong, I did not try the lobsters but I did buy some alcohol on the last day :P Labuan is famous for wreck diving! I really want to dive the wrecks. I dived in Miri today and will be going to the Niah cave tomorrow.

Roger, thankfully the cockroaches were small ones otherwise I would have asked for a refund! I'm wrting from a Internet cafe in Imperial mall right now :)

Anonymous said...

you did save the kittens right? รถ

Yu-Kym said...

Of course. They're still in quarantine :P