Incorrect usage of condoms

You may think: What's so difficult? Everyone knows how to use condoms!

I've watched my partners put on condoms and sorry to say not all guys know how to! Unfortunately, putting on condoms isn't something that people (including me) instinctively know. From my observation and experience, here are the top 3 most common mistakes.

1. Air bubble
The most common mistake is forgetting to press the air out of the bubble before putting it on. The purpose of the bubble is to collect and contain the semen. If you have air in the bubble, upon ejaculation the semen will cause the bubble to expand like a balloon and the condom may burst or tear.

Some guys like to that think their condoms tore/broke because they rammed too hard. I think it's actually due to ramming with an air bubble in the condom. Imagine pushing a balloon in and out of the vagina - of course there's a high risk of the balloon bursting.

I always ensure that there's no air bubble. I've never had a case of breakage and it's certainly not because my partners didn't ram hard enough.

2. Wrong side
Honestly, I can't tell which is the right side until I try to unroll it.
[Condoms: Which side is up?]

Some people put the condom on the penis, then try to unroll it only to find that it's the wrong side, so they flip it over. If they got the correct side the first time round, then great. If not, they just contaminated the outer side of the condom - which means that the woman can likely contract STDs and HIV from the man and/or get pregnant.

People should always find out which is the correct side before putting the condom on the penis.
Here's what I do to find out the correct side:
Hold the condom with my index finger on the inner side of the condom and my thumb on the outer side of it, then try to unroll it slightly using my thumb. If it unrolls, then it's the correct side, if not then it's the wrong side so flip it over. (I need to be extra careful not to tear or cut the condom with my finger nails.)

3. Tearing the wrapper
Some guys use their teeth to tear the foil wrapper or rip it up violently. I don't know whether it's meant to be a turn on but there's a risk of the condom getting damaged if it's handled this way. It seems some people use scissors or other sharp objects to tear the wrapper.

Other mistakes:
- Over-using the condom or not having enough lubrication.
- Using the wrong type of lubricant. Do not use oil-based lubricants such as baby oil or Vaseline with rubber condoms.
- Using condoms that are too loose or too tight.
- Wrapping the condom too tightly around the penis head.
- Storing it in a hot place or with sharp objects, e.g. in your wallet, car or putting it in the same drawer as your scissors or knife.
- Not holding the base of the condom when pulling out.
- Pulling out too late, i.e. when the penis is flaccid. This may cause spillage.
- Using expired condoms. (Duh! When was the last time you had sex?)
- Not checking for tears.
- Using two condoms at a time for "added protection". This is counter-productive. The extra friction caused by rubber rubbing against rubber is sure to result in breakage.
- Having genital-to-genital contact before putting on the condom.
(Please post a comment if you have others to add on.)

Although the condom is worn by the man, women need to take responsibility for the correct usage of condoms because:
- women are the ones who get pregnant,
- women are biologically more likely to contract STDs and HIV from vaginal sex than men because of the relatively larger susceptible contact area and concentration of the bacteria/virus in semen compared to vaginal "juices".

fyi, most condoms are packaged with instructions on the box or in a leaflet so have a read if you're not sure how to use them otherwise you're just wasting your time and money.

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Anonymous said...

True story ..we put water and hang it up at a friend's dorm door ....

Anonymous said...

good article...keep it up.
BTW how many sex partners have u experienced with...kym?

Anonymous said...

Just to add my opinion where quality of condom is concerned. Never buy brands which are unfamiliar with, normally because of its cheaply priced especially for those guys who are so cheapskate, never ever take such risk! Advisably, try to get condoms which had certified & complied with certain standards to ease off both partners worrying whether it may burst or tears.

J said...

Condoms don't only tear because of air bubble. I always press the air out before putting on. There's once I fucked my girl really really hard (she made me angry so I had to punish her :P) and for a very long duration. I fucked her until she was dry and my condom torn while fucking. So lubricant is important :)

And about which's always the same side if you buy the same brand.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anony 2.
She just writes .. does not means she actually experienced them. Its all from books and stuffs

Yu-Kym said...

There are US brand condoms that are made in China. I've tried a few. Seems to be reliable but I haven't tried that many to be sure.

I do research "books and stuffs" if I'm writing factual stuff. But of course I need to believe them in order to write them. I don't always believe everything I read or hear.
You can tell, from the words I use, whether what I write is from experience or simply what I heard or believe.
from my experience, I've noticed, I did this and that's what happened,
in my opinion, I believe, I think, I heard, it seems.

Anonymous said...

I taught my current bf to wear a condom properly 2 years ago when he was a fist timer. i m still helping him to wear it most of the time and i m enjoying it.

Yu-Kym said...

Good at that least one of you know what you're doing :P Should let him practice more. Hehe

Anonymous said...

My confession:

1) I'm too shy to be seen buying condoms
2) Usually my girlfriends buy them if condoms are needed or i get some from my buddy friends
3) I normally let (or the girl wear the condom for me - its kinda erotic to see her wearing it for me. I will request her to do so. The sweet thing usually dont refuse.
4) If i have to do it myself (which is not often), i still dont know how to put it on the correct way till this day. I normally get the wrong side on. I have never learnt the correct way of putting on condoms. So normally its all wrong.
5) If I'm having sex without condoms for a while, I dont like returning to the insensitive feel of wearing one.
6) So having sex without condoms during menstruation or the girl's safe periods is best for me. Im not afraid of blood but avoid sex on very heavy flow days.
7) Just like having one's private part clear of pubic hair, once u are used to having sex without condom, it will never be the same with one.

curious cat