Hymen: The mark of virginity?

Many people regard the presence of an intact hymen as a mark of guarantee of a woman's virginity. Virginity is valued in many societies. Some men would not marry women who are not virgins, children or women sold into prostitution fetch a higher price if they are virgins, and some women even get their hymens sewed back to feign virginity.

Is an intact hymen the mark of virginity?
Through education many people now know that if a woman:
- has a torn hymen, it does not necessarily mean she's not a virgin.
- has an intact hymen, it does not necessarily mean she's a virgin.

Intact hymen
Hymens vary in shape, size, and thickness, elasticity. The hymen can stretch sufficiently to permit entry of tampons and sometimes even a penis! So it is possible for a woman to who has had sex before to still have her hymen intact.

Torn or no hymen
a) Vigorous non-sexual activities/sports or even insertion of objects like tampons (or dildos :P ) may have caused the hymen to tear. Some women do not experience any pain or bleeding from a hymen being torn so they may not even be aware that it got torn. Also, the hymen could have gotten torn during their menses - the 2 types of blood look the same so they may not know that the bleeding was from the hymen being torn.

b) In rare cases, women can be born without hymens. I don't know whether to pity or envy such women. I suppose it depends where and when they are born. If I had a choice, I'd rather be born without one so that I don't have to endure the pain of having it torn.

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Anonymous said...

How does it feel for a women to have sex, first time? May be a bit sore but nice. Whats your comment?

Anonymous said...

i did not bleed on my first intercourse ,it seemed my hemen was already broken,am very active and like sports and games,but i kinda feel bad for my man,i mean i wonder if he thinks am not a virgin,it is totally killing me coz he is the first guy i ever slept with and i was only 20.

Anonymous said...

I bleed only a little about an hour after my first intercourse. How do you explain this?