How to fake virginity

I don't think I'll ever want or need to but here are some ways to fake virginity (for women, duh! why would men need to fake it??):
1. Go for hymenoplasty, i.e. get sewn back up by a doctor.
2. Clench your PC muscles tightly and act like it's painful.
3. Have sex the first time during the light flow days of menstruation.
4. Sneak in some fake blood (you can buy it from Halloween shops) and spill it on the sheets when he's not looking.
5. Use an artificial hymen. This is a small bag that a woman places inside her vagina before having sex. It creates a feeling of "tightness" for the man and releases a small amount of fake blood.
6. I don't recommend this but it's possible to do. Inject fake blood into the vagina just before sex. Ensure that the fake blood is vagina-friendly and won't cause infections. Use a syringe, not a needle. After injecting it, hold the liquid in by clenching your PC muscles. Try not to stand upright too long because it might drip out. Quickly lie down in bed and "release" the liquid at the right time.

How would you feel and what would you do if you catch your partner faking virginity?

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andrewcha said...

i think i rather ask her to tell the truth then faking it though

David said...


The concept of faking virginity raises the level of dishonesty to new heights.

If a couple serious about a relationship are not honest about thier past history, that does not create the opportunity to build true trust.

BTW, are you aware of anyone who practices such behaviors?


Yu-Kym said...

The guy would never know if the gal is careful enough not to get caught.

I believe in many Asian cultures, virginity is still "prized". The artificial hymen (#5) is invented by the Japanese - so I guess they do practice it.

Btw, I've received more than 20 hits from people searching for answers on how to fake virginity.

Anonymous said...

A faked virginity is grounds for divorce..... Either you are or you're not! If virginity is that important to him, then you're basing your future on a lie. " All things done in secret will come to light" you might as well be honest upfront. If he rejects you, then he will eventually reject you since all things come to light. When he finds out he will resent you. If you are hones, it's a 50/50 chance you will stay together. If you lie, you will be together for some time, and then he will dump you for being a lier..... meaning there's a 95% chance you won't be together. Your call... Would you rather not take the chance that he could accept your lack of virginity, or would you rather him dump you for being a lier?

If the guy loves me because I am a virgin...........I don't need his love.It is not the hymen that determines faithfulness and honesty but it is the love.
I believe every woman should try as many as possible guys before getting marriage and once married,devote her love and life to the one who loved her.This is in general but don't apply on me as we both are swingers and we both believe in open free marriage.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, faked virginity is grounds for divorce according to which law?

bootyliciousmona, I am sick of sexist rubbish about men not needing to be virgins but women needing to be virgins.

Anonymous said...


my wedding is in two weeks time, i need the artificial heymen how can i get one, can help me find one pls pls

Santa said...

Never fake your virginity, you'll look and feel like a fool.