Happiness vs Drama

I'm amused by a comment on my Facebook Page that my previous post was boring.

I had lunch with my sister today. She told me that her friend wanted her to meet her new boyfriend. Her new boyfriend is just another guy whom nobody approves of - just like her previous. The guys make her many promises but somehow end up cheating her in various ways and dumping her in the end. Ignoring her friends' and family's advice, she continues to date the same type of men.

I realise that not everybody wants to seek true happiness. Some people seek drama in their lives. Without drama, they get bored. These people go around picking fights with others, choosing the "wrong" partners, abusing drugs, complaining about everything and everyone just to feel the drama. They enjoy being hurt, upset, angry, hysterical, depressed and even physically ill or choose to remain in destructive relationships.

Also, there are people who enjoy watching the drama instead of creating drama in their own lives. They enjoy reading, blogging and gossiping about which celebrity is depressed because his/her marriage is ending, who's been partying with hookers, who's furious for being cheated on, who's been admitted to rehab for drug abuse, etc.

If I blog about such things, I would definately get more new readers (but I may lose some too). I'm not going to convert my blog into a gossip blog - there are enough of those out there. Neither am I about to seek or create unnecessary drama in my life to blog about (or to fake it) in attempt to get more hits. Come to think of it, seeking true happiness is really boring! Welcome to my boring blog! :P


Anonymous said...

Maintain your blog as it is. Please also maintain your writing style...frank and honest. your blog is One of the better blogs out there in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Interesting.. this article actually makes me stop and think for a while.. you have a good point there..

De Maitre said...

Good grief, if your blog is boring than mine is a monumental tragedy! Hahahahaha please maintain your blog. Your frank discussions of both male and female issues provide me with spledid insights into both genders.

Shaun said...

care to elaborate on your sister? post her pic? haha

Yu-Kym said...

De Maitre and Anon, Thanks! Don't worry, I'm not changing my blog :)

Shaun, sorry I prefer not to post her pictures.

karim said...

Good one on happiness and it helps a lot.

Karim - Mind Power

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks Karim :) I believe strongly in mind power.