Granny pants: the new chastity belt

Have you been in such a situation before:
You enjoy going out with someone and you are sexually attracted to him. However, you know it's best not to get involved (for reasons such as you're married, you are co-workers, etc). In meeting, the temptation to do what you know you shouldn't do will be stronger and the opportunity is there. You can't help but want to meet him and you don't know whether you are strong enough to resist the temptation.

What do you do in situations like these?

My friend suggested that I should wear a chastity belt. Of course nobody wears an old-fashioned, uncomfortable, dirty chastity belt in Singapore these days (and my friend meant it as joke). Allow me to propose the more comfortable and cheaper option: granny pants.

Granny pants are high-waisted, big and baggy panties.

I think guys find it a complete turn off and I won't want to be caught dead in one of these! That's why I'm suggesting granny pants as the new-age chastity belt. I certainly won't want to remove my clothes to reveal granny pants so I'll try very hard not to seduce the guy or allow myself to be seduced. If I can't control myself and do remove my clothes or allow the guy to remove my clothes, he would get turned off and therefore we will not have sex. (But this won't work if the guy has gerontophilia, i.e. sexual inclination towards the elderly).

Perhaps I should stock up on granny pants.

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David said...


Those would indeed be a turn off.

You might just keep one set around just in case you go with some one who seems dreamy and perfect on first meeting and then does a jekyl and hyde change on the next date.

This type of guy could very well seduce you, against your will, but the granny pants could save you...

Think about it...


PS: Have a great weekend!

boh.tak.chek. said...

one feels like a tea bag wearing those things ! lol....

Anonymous said...

not to me...what the heck, just dim the light and go for what's inside....:)

Anonymous said...


JAPB said...

Hahahaha.. Good one!

~Pink Miu Miu~ said...

I would rather go commando than to wear the above lol :P anyway it's really about yr conviction on this and it's chastity here! So precious =)

Jeryc said...

Yu Kym,

There are guys out there who are into granny panty... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yu Kym

did you have wearing g string bikini at public place ????

you may know my case at previous forum which my boy friend are ecourange me wearing g string bikini ar public swimming pool,

then i wearing it at last week at apartment swimming pool , my feeling are mix max , feel embrassing BUT more confident because my BF are pround and existed MOST
susprise me is lot of boy are piping me (BF are some jeolous) and taking photo thru h/phone and some gal or boy are stop walking past by and looking at me

my boy friend are co-operated when i wearing thong bikini , then he also wearing some g string swimwear that i bought for him and the pool became hot and burn out coz the gal and guy are start looking us , final we are walk to cafe for buy a drink by this costume , i believe the cafe are traffic and fall down

then we are walk around swimming pool and back to my apartment (which 70-80m distance from swimming pool)

were no experince that panties steal by panties thief until yesterday

yesterday around 8.00pm , i were hanging my washer panties at front of my single story house , then i found that one Uncle around 50-60 year old piping me and pass by front of my house twince. i never suspect something until today morning i were found lot of paties that i hanging over night are missing

BUT is selected design only !!!
my sister in law are joking why the thief just steal all over then separate at he home

some more the thief are re-arrange the balance (not steal one)of panties in order of color and design , (better then me hanging) !!!

and yesterday night were raining, thank GOD the thief pull the Garment rack in the cover roof place

and most fantast is thief put RM 150 in once of panties ( but can't cover the loss)

did you think this maniac thief are totally loss the mind we can't imagine what the fxxk he thinking

below is the trophy for the thief

my younger cousin
1 square brief - white (survive)
1 mini tanga - pink (steal)
1 g string lacy - light blue (steal)
1 tiny triangel/see thru - wine (steal)

1 low waist tanga- red (survive)
1 g string - metalic green (steal)
1 thong lacy/see thru - dark purple (steal)
1 brasil / ribbon - orange (survice)

sister in law
1 g string - metalic yellow (steal)
1 g string see thru/ butterfly shape- black (steal)
1 g string -metalic/ loop shape- green (steal)
1 thong see thru /reflecting color night - orange (steal)
1 Y string / reflecting color night - red (steal)
2 low waist tange black - (survice)

now day , we are decide to hanging in bathroom

Yu-Kym said...

David, I'll keep an very old and ugly set :P Hopefully I don't change my mind halfway by going to the toilet and discarding it.

boh.tak.chek., if you're a guy, you are carrying a teabag too :)

~Pink Miu Miu~ , sex clouds my judgment so better to refrain from sex initially.

Jeryc, no doubt about that! Many different types of fetishes out there!

Anon, I think thong bikinis are inappropriate in Singapore and Malaysia. The thief is really funny to leave money! I would be upset if someone steals my undies - maybe it's my favourite set. Even if I'm given money to cover the cost, it means I need to take time to find something else that I like.

ChastityDevice said...

I love chastity belt too.