As far as I can recall, I've always had dreams whenever I sleep, even when I fall asleep for just 1 minute so I was surprised to find out that most people say that they do not dream or are not aware that they've had dreams.

More tired after dreaming?
Some people say they don't like dreaming because dreaming makes them feel more tired. However, doctors say that the dreaming does not make us tired - but instead dreaming allows our minds to rest. I think people who don't normally dream but complain that they feel more tired after dreaming had their sleep disturbed. Normally people wake up in when they are in non-REM sleep so they can't remember their dreams that occurred during REM sleep. If they are awakened by a person or alarm clock during REM sleep, they wake up remembering that they had a dream but their rest is not complete so they feel more tired. Perhaps this is why I dislike sharing a bed or a room. I do not get enough rest if I'm awakened constantly throughout the night or too early in the morning.

Why I love sleeping
Whenever it starts raining, I have the urge to sleep. A few people have asked me why I enjoy sleeping so much. It's because I dream whenever I sleep and dreams my are very entertaining. Sometimes it's like watching TV or a 3D movie from a 3rd person's view and at other times I'm in the "movie". Everything looks, feels and sounds real. (One interesting thing is I don't recall being able to taste or smell in dreams). Most of my dreams are about ordinary life as I would live it but I do get the action adventure or fantasy movies in which I get to kick ass like Lara Croft, fly or run way from beasts that are 50 times my size. In some of my dreams, I'm a man not a woman. I've had lucid dreams too, i.e. I am aware that I'm dreaming and have control over my actions in the dream. Lucid dreams are my favourite but they are rare. It's also very difficult to maintain that state of awareness without waking up or slipping back into unawareness.

Why I don't watch movies often
I don't watch as many movies as the average Singaporean. Most movies pale in comparison to my dreams. Plus, I need to travel to get to the cinema and pay for my ticket. As for dreaming, all I need to do it hop over to my bed. And it's free :)

Meaning of dreams
I've done some research on interpretation of dreams but I never believed them because I found most of the explanations hard to believe. Recently, I've read that an object or occurrence in dreams would mean different things to different people, e.g. it may be pleasant for me to dream of kittens but not so for a person who is allergic to fur, so there's no one meaning to things seen in dreams. It seems people have solved problems and diagnosed their own illnesses through symbols and images in dreams. It is believed that our subconscious minds speaks to us through dreams.

Here are some common dreams that I have:
- I am looking for a place to eat, buying food or at the buffet table but in the dream I never get to eat. I mentioned above that I don't recall smelling or tasting in my dreams. It seems it's because the part of the brain that is responsible for smelling and tasting is inactive so I'm unable to "imagine" what something smells or tastes like.
- I've overslept and missed an appointment/flight/exam.
- I am looking for the toilet. Practically the entire dream is about finding the toilet LOL
- I find the toilet but it's an open-concept toilet, i.e. no doors or no partitions, or unisex toilet
- I need to use the toilet or have a shower but the bathroom is dirty
- I'm running from something or someone but my feet and body feel heavy and I'm almost running on the spot.
- My house is overrun with lizards or cockroaches.

I tend to get nightmares when I'm feeling stressed or unhappy.
In case you're wondering, I've had erotic dreams but not orgasms while asleep.

Prophetic dreams
The concept of prophetic dreams is not new. It's been around since ancient times.
Now, someone commented that I'm crazy when I mentioned this and perhaps some others thought so too.

There was a period of time when I had frequent dreams of the sea. A few that I can remember:
- I'm in a wooden house on stilts above the sea. The house gets submerged during a storm and I'm struggling to find a way out of the house.
- I am having a fun time swimming in the sea. I can see the shore but I'm far out (my feet cannot touch the sea bed). The water soon gets choppy, there are sharks and I'm having a hard time making it back to the shore.
- I am on a wooden ship far out in the sea. The ship is sailing smoothly and the weather is fine. There's a storm and water starts rushing onto the deck of the ship. I hang on for dear life.
- I am wading in the water close to the shore in the sea. The "shore line" is the edge of a swimming pool and is tiled. The sea is calm. But suddenly many colourful fish rush in close to the shore and swam around me.

Eventually I stopped having such dreams. I didn't think of them as anything else but nightmares. One day I was hit with the thought that these nightmares coincidentally stopped after a tsunami hit Asia in 2004. And what I saw in my 4th dream - the fish rushing in to the shore - was similar to what people saw just before the tsunami (the water receded, leaving fish stranded).

Did I see the future in my dreams? These nightmares/dreams stopped me from going to the beach or learning scuba diving. If I did not have them, it's possible that this blog wouldn't exist.

---Updated on 7 Sep---
I mentioned above that don't recall being able to taste or smell in dreams.
but in my dream last night, I could smell urine.


Mr. Hmm said...

hmmm hmmm.... dreams eh? well, i guess your "sea" dream can be refer to some sort of "dejavu". needless to explain, if still don't know, go get a DVD and watch it. better still, go wikipedia it.

my dad told me that dreams got meaning. for example, one of your dream regarding "running away from someone/something, but actually you are going nowhere", you dream about it because of your sleeping position. this has something to do with your leg position, meaning your leg is "stuck" or "entangle" with each other, that's why u dream of running, but u can't.

well, i got such dream once i was still young, but not anymore. i will make sure my leg got space to move around and will not "block" each others up. haha... what amaze me is that, i never get the irritating "running" dream anymore! ^^ believe it or not! :D

there is one dream that i miss the most, "wet dream"!!! got it once, but since then, no more =( teach me how should i get it back plssss...

Mr. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

-I'm running from something or someone but my feet and body feel heavy and I'm almost running on the spot.

You could actually be sleep walking :O

Sometimes you jolt to a shock and wake up, cos the dream involves you moving down the stairs and you trip and fall. And that causes you to suddenly wake up!

Ever had that kind of dream? :S

David said...

Typical man speaking.

I know I dream, just cannot remember anything that happens. When I do awakend while a dream is ending, the little bit of dream occuring at that time fades quickly from the memory.


Anonymous said...

any wet dreams lately?

Vincent said...

I know i can run very fast in real life, but i kinda have the similar dream that you have, that is trying to running away from something/someone, but everything about me feels heavy and a walking person could move faster than me.. i wonder if many people has this dream as well..

Lols, its very frustrating when that happens, I know there's gonna be a good ending if only i can 'outrun' that thing that chases me =.=

skol said...

Well, when I was young, I had a number of prophetic dreams. I dreamt of seeing roads, roads and roads, sometimes monkeys too. But mainly roads and trees. I had that for a year or so, each dream lasting a span of maybe a week to a month. Then I totally stop having dreams. Then after about 3-5years, the roads that I see, I am traveling in it now, my dad is driving, and we got lost, so I suggested going left and bla bla bla, they didn't believe me, but in the end, we made a big circle, and finally took left, then I proceeded to give instruction, well, in the end we were still lost, but out of no where, monkeys start popping out. We parked the car and look on, mom fed them. Then we left and I still lead the road and we were out of that place. Same thing happen a few years back, I saw the roads that I dreamt about.

Now I rarely have dreams, kind of sad.

p/s: I never told anyone about those dreams.

Roger said...

You are fortunate to be able to dream, and have free entertainment. I rarely dream, and if I do my dreams can be disturbing. For instance, not long ago I dreamed of my neighbour, who has been seriously ill for a long time, passing away.

Hayabusa said...

I don't dream a lot, & i've quite a love-hate relationship with dreaming. the love part of dreaming's like what you said, free entertainment ;-). but there's also where the hate part comes in, it's not entirely free. i find it very hard to get up if i'm seeing a exciting dream, & in order to see it further, biological energy's needed, meaning my brain'd have to work when it's not supposed to. the result - i wake up feelin' jaded.

Yu-Kym said...

Mr Hmmm, the sea dream wasn't dejavu. I've never had dejavu when I'm awake but I've had dejavu when I'm in dreams, i.e. while dreaming I think I've been to that place in my dreams before. The leg thing is amusing! But I want to consider it - I'm supposed to only sleep on my back with my legs apart? Your dad seems to be quite the expert on dreams so maybe you can ask him how to get wet dreams? :P

Anon, I don't sleep walk. I dreamt of falling a few times and I wake up from the fall.

David, my memory of the dreams also fade quickly if I do not replay them in my mind immediately.

Vincent, you can try Mr Hmm's solution :P Maybe you would stop having those dreams.

skol, thanks for sharing. Very interesting prophetic dream.

Roger, did the person really die? I have slight fear that my nightmares may be real - I dreamed that certain people whom I know died - but thankfully they are still alive.

Hayabusa, what do you mean by "in order to see it further, biological energy's needed, meaning my brain'd have to work when it's not supposed to"? Are you able to make yourself go back into the dream?