Anal sex

When I was in secondary school, there was a certain schoolmate whom everyone thought to be gay. At that age most people would know how gays have sex. Perhaps it was my imagination but I recall smelling a faint smell of shit whenever that guy was within nose range.

Just as many of us wonder whether childbirth and frequent sex causes vaginal "looseness", we do get the idea that frequent anal sex makes the anal muscles "loose" as well.

I've heard a few stories. One was about a gal who was trying to "convert" a gay guy. He loved anal sex so she allowed him to do it on her. Eventually, she couldn't walk to the toilet anymore when the felt the urge - she had to RUN! The other stories have similar endings - they end up having to run too. It seems you can use butt plugs to prevent any accidents but that potentially could further decrease the elasticity of the anal muscles.

Some people say that you can keep the anal muscles tight by doing Kegel exercises. Theoretically it sounds right but I'm not going to experiment on myself. It's proven that people who put big objects like the fist in the anus are more likely to be unable to control their bowels later on.

Anyway, if you "must" do it:
- always use a condom to avoid getting any bacteria into your urinary tract,
- apply lots of lube.
Additionally, if you're doing it on a woman, to avoid spreading bacteria to her vagina or urinary tract:
- change the condom before proceeding with vaginal sex,
- do not make any physical contact with the clitoris or vagina.
Both men and women can get urinary tract infections. I've not had one before but I heard that it makes urinating extremely painful.

Warning: Anal sex is classified as unnatural sex and therefore illegal in Singapore.

Oh, and if you need to know, the gal in the story didn't manage to convert the guy.

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Hayabusa said...

Woah, another story of lost investment... sad, the "economy" is getting real bad these days...

Shaun said...

Is the gal in the story, you?

E_T said...

i have been having anal sex regularly with my GF and so far she dont have those anal "looseness" as you call it :-). she is still as tight as the first time.

Anonymous said...

the anus is for passing motion not sex! Go for the vagina dude!

Anonymous said...

E_T...that's because your kukujiao is small...WAHAHAHAHAHA

Yu-Kym said...

Shaun, no, not me. I mentioned that I'm not going to experiment on myself.

Anonymous said...

Anal sex is very common nowaday. If you have not try it yourself, you are not fit to talk so much about anal sex or the whole sex topics.

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, a very interesting comment indeed, coming from a person who prefers to remain anonymous and (I'm guessing) does not have a blog.

Do note that non-fiction writers, researchers and doctors do depend on the expertise of others in areas that they do not have extensive experience in.

Even researchers will say "studies have shown that..." instead of "this is the fact of the matter"

The exchange of opinions, theories and ideas without solid proof has benefits. If people are only fit to talk about things that they have full and complete knowledge on, then all of us - including you - are not fit to say anything at all.

Anonymous said...

If you pple dun like or dun agree with Kym, then dun read her blog and give rubbish comment. She had made the effort to update her blog regularly for us to read, if you are not same frequency, then please leave nobody force you to read her blog.


Anonymous said...


I do like some of Kym's article particularly on the climax where she speaks of her experience. That is valuable. But simply give some advise without personal experience is not good. For proper research, you need to quote the authorities.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when a person is in deep trouble , it is also known as in "deep shit"?
When you put the penis in the shit hole , do you know you are also in "deep shit".

Nature do not create the shit hole for you to put your penis's the VAGINA dude.

Shit hole is for you to shit and vagina is for you to "mate" or F..K

Ha ha ha.

I have been into Anal Sex for many years and I really enjoy having anal sex with well hung guys and although I do it lot,my sphincter is still intact and never loosened.
To avoid pain,use lot of lubricants (water soluble lubricants,not oil or petroleum base ones) and once you get used to Anal Sex you will love it.I have the best orgasms through Anal Sex and it is really very enjoyable.But as you said Yu-Kym,avoid inserting the penis in the vagina once it was in the anus and wash it throughly before having vaginal sex.

Anonymous said...

Anal sex is for people suffering from certain extreme sexual disorder of the mind or desperation!

curious cat

Avatar Fewa said...

I've not tried anal sex before but the other topic on ass rimming seems like interesting, what's your opinion on that Ms Bootyliciousmona and Ms Yu-Kym?