What's your size?

When I was starting to grow boobs as a teenager and I had to start buying bras, I walked into the lingerie sections only when no sales assistants were in sight so that I can browse and try on the bras but somehow someone would always pop out of nowhere and ask me the dreaded question, "What's your size?" I had not even selected a design to try so why am I being asked my size?? It seemed to me like they enjoyed asking that question to make me feel embarrassed! (When I grow up I wanna be a lingerie sales assistant!) Perhaps they meant well and want to know my size so that they can recommend suitable designs and cuttings for me... but I thought they can figure out my size rather easily by looking at my chest right? Fortunately nowadays lingerie sales staff are not so forward with such questions. They ask "May I help you?" instead of "What's your size?"

Just when I thought I'll never have to answer any more of that "What's your size?" question, I'm getting exactly the same question... from guys! I can understand that guys are curious about my size but I'm not obliged to tell anyone so I decline answering such questions. Some guys then comment that they don't see why I need to be "secretive" and what the big deal is about telling them my size. So sometimes just to prove a point, I ask them the same question back, "What's your size?" 99% of the time they will say they don't know, they can't tell me or it's "for you to find out"! If they can't tell me their size how can they say it's not a big deal for me to tell them mine?

The other thing that I can't understand is why when I'm naked in front of a guy, he would touch my boobs and then ask me what size they are! I'm like... can't you tell from looking and feeling?? Unless he's going to buy me some lingerie, why does he need to know anyway? Isn't it more important that he's touching them? Focus please!

[Does (penis) size matter?]
[Brains or boobs?]


Anonymous said...

how i wish i could touch them... lolz

Jason said...

Your boobs is beautiful, size is big enough, and firm!

guy said...

yes, touch it and will know it. Your size is perfect. Personally I prefer B/C cup and soft. (why soft, because I did touch hard breast, damn, all the mood gone).

Yu-Kym said...

why hard? cos fake?
You guys are hard to please maybe? If breasts are soft you say not firm, if breasts are hard you say not nice to touch :P
In one study, they found that the percentage of fat volume in the total breast volume varied from 7 to 56% and the percentage of fat weight in the total breast weight varied from 3.6 to 37.6%.
I suppose those women with low % of fat weight/volume will have harder breasts.

Anthony said...

All organs comes in all sort of shapes, sizes and feel. When you start comparing and/or list down what you want to see/touch from a boob/pussy, remember the other party also has his/her own criteria and wants as well.

What is most important is the chemistry in bed and both party enjoy the sex and not the organ itself

Anonymous said...

Oh, this pic is so not u. Or perhaps it is but it looks photoshopped especially at the wasitline. Must be the comments I left at HJ's side that propelled u to do that?

David said...


Any guy more concerned about the size of a womens breast is a very shallow male.

A question like that is sign of an immature male, still fixated on teen boy interest and lust.

If a guy does that to any girl, leave him, quickly!


guy said...

Hi Yu-Kym, not fake, just natural harder. maybe low fat. haha! So far only 1 gal.

Shaun said...

Need more experience in calculating the size for such.
Number is good, but alphabet is more important.

Herbal Tea said...

YU Kym, what is your breast size?

Anonymous said...

And what is your cup size?

Anonymous said...

yes the conclusion to this is

what is ur breast size and cup ... need a bench mark ... or bra and cup size to understand better

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if it is small as long as it is not flat. if it is too big, it will be horrible and it also will a burden to gals.

Yu-Kym said...

Ya I think cup size is more important. Here are 2 posts in relation to bra size:


True that too big is a burden. Some women get back aches and go for breast reduction surgery.

Anonymous said...

my gf dont like her nipples to be licked and sucked but like them to be sqeezed. So I grab them, give light kisses on the nipples then concentrate my attention between her legs. She does have large and firm breasts. I have never bothered to ask what size.