Something wrong with bustline measurements?

Each year the public can't help but comment on the Miss Singapore-Universe contestants' boobs :P It's one aspect of beauty, right?

I was looking at the vital stats of the contestants and noticed that a few of them have 34" and even 36" bustlines. I find the so-claimed 34" or 36" bustlines hardly believable. (See pics and vital stats of finalists at this blog)

Famous models with 34" bustlines: Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell.
Rachel Nichols who acted as Scarlett in the movie GI Joe also has a 34" bustline.
View this year's Ms SG-Universe winner Rachel Kum's bikini pic.

I think the contestants' bustlines don't look anything close to these models! (I'm not comparing the contestants to models; I'm only comparing the bustlines.) How did they come up with 34" and 36"?
- Did they mistakenly use the bra size as the bustline? Bra size and bustline are 2 different things! But then again, there are contestants with 33" bustline and there's no size 33 bra.
- Did they measure with or without wearing bras? Measurements should be taken without bras, or if modesty is an issue then a good fitting, non-padded, non-minimizing, non-sports bra. Duh.
- Did they use made-in-Singapore measuring tapes which have different dimensions from standard ones? We should switch to the ones that are made in China, which I'm sure are used world-wide!

Is there something wrong with my eyes? Or maybe I'm sour grapes? Haha.
I'm not saying contestants need to have 34" bustlines to qualify... but they should state accurate measurements.

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(What I wrote become distorted in [The Star]. In my post, I did not accuse the contestants of giving fake measurements or of being untruthful. And whatever I was "quoted saying" by The Star was never written or said by me. )

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Rock Hard said...

A lot of attentions had been given to the size of the breast or bustlines.
I said it's enough.
It's time we should give the non exposing nipple a chance to be in the lime light for once.
The next time, the measurement will indicate the inches of her bustline, follow by the cup size and, the colour and diameter of the areola.
Better still..
Have their breast cover and expose only the nipple.
That will be nice.
As time and time again, many men had been deceived by the size of a woman breast outline. Once remove and when they are about to put their mouth onto her breast, they will take a closer look at the woman's nipple.
Does it look like a dry out raisin, or a juicy pink nipple.
I get turn on by a woman's nipple, not her breast.
If she cover her nipple throughout the sex and not let me see it, even though the side of her breast are wobbly due to the extra fats and pounding, I would still give it a 1 out of 5 star rating.

Anonymous said...

Alas! Yr article did it again... now Msia Sin Chew cover yr bustline story... but my poor Rachal Kum kenna bad limelight again... is her really 34"???


lucky206 said...

I agree with you completely; after moving to Malaysia and marring my luvly wifey I asked her to remove her contacts (at least until we had "faham"). At any rate I love All of her just for her; which in large part is do to her "natural" appeal. Guess I'm still an animal ;) ....

Anonymous said...

I know chicks and I know titties. It's the cup size that matters. 34" takes into account the entire chest. So the girl could have a broad chest but airstrip titties.

The cup size is what we breast lovers look for. I prefer C's.

The girl in question could easily be a 34B.

Anonymous said...

Bust line and cup size are totally different thing. They have a wide chest but a cup size. I think the most for Rachel is B/C cup.

Anonymous said...

Probably just inaccurate measurements like you said, like, while wearing bra.

That being said, I prefer nipples too. Especially inverted ones.

Anonymous said...

If Jolin Tsai also can be G, why not?

TwistedInsanity said...

Not inaccuracy of measurement.


Anonymous said...

34 inches is not's the cup size that makes a difference.... so in this's possible that she's a 34A or B...

Yu-Kym said...

The Star made this post look like a personal attack on Rachel Kum. They "quoted" me saying some stuff but I even don't know where they got that from!

Correct that cup size and bustline are different. I've added a new post: How to determine bustline from bra size.
In the post, my calculations show that to have a 34" bustline, women should be wearing size 34D, 36C or 32DDD/32F bras.

Is Jolin Tsai is G? That's another question.

I agree that it might be Photoshop. Usually people don't look nice in casual photos posted by friends as compared to self-touched up and professional photos.