Ready-made man vs DIY man

If you find it amusing that some gals are waiting for some knight in shiny armour to save them from their misery - low-paying job, controlling parents, etc - I suppose you would find it just as amusing to hear that some guys are waiting for some kind-hearted, slim, fair-skinned princess with big boobs to save them from their boredom and addictions.

Very often I hear guys saying that they bored and need to find gfs to accompany them (to be bored together? lol), or they need to find gfs so that they can be motivated to work and save money or quit an addiction. I'm sorry, but such guys are building castles in the air.

Why would a kind-hearted, slim, fair-skinned princess with big boobs, if she exists, even want to be with such a guy? She would most definitely choose the knight in shiny armour, if he exists.

Ready-made man
Such a man has his act together: he's self-motivated, has a healthy body, healthy self-esteem, acceptable grooming, a job or some acceptable source of income, does not womanize, etc. Basically, people would refer to such a man as an eligible bachelor.
When a woman "buys" such a man, he's ready to be "used".

DIY man
No, I don't mean a man who masturbates alot LOL.
A DIY (do-it-yourself) man is one who has low self-esteem, no income, no money, gambling/gaming/sex addiction, health problems, just bored with life, etc.
When a woman "buys" such a man, she needs to fix him up herself.

Although it might sound obvious that gals would rather choose a ready-made man over a DIY man, there are gals who would choose otherwise. Such gals are those who either need to have "projects" to work on, i.e. changing the guy and whipping him into shape, or those with low self-esteem and problems like the DIY man himself. The DIY man would also be expected to fix up the DIY gal. Can they fix another person up when they can't even do it for themselves?

A ready-made gal will never want to take on the extra work of putting a DIY man together unless he has some very strong plus points, e.g. extremely wealthy or handsome, to offset the parts that require DIY effort. At the end of the day, a gal will not be with a guy if she is not better off with him than without him.

My advice to guys is:
If you are neither extremely wealthy or handsome, it's better if you fix yourself up first before putting yourself on the shelf because the ready-made men will fly off the shelf, while the DIY ones will just be left to... DIY! :P


Hayabusa said...

For DIYs, well... some're kinda considerable, as they need minor to moderate tweaking. gals who know how to invest on this guys can possibly earn herself lucrative rewards - being able to boast about "i beat him into shape" & the guy'll be likely to stay by your side forever. although nothing is actually 100% guaranteed, but it kinda depends on luck & the 'material' itself. my brother was one example, he was a DIY in the sense that he didn't like to study much, but her gf apparently inspired him to study & his results actually soared later. but the gal threw away her 'finished product' later somehow.

As for some DIY, sorry to say, & i hate to say this, they're just beyond saving. & about ready-made guys & gals, just a reminder, they're just as ready to fly off somewhere else later as they're ready to fly off shelves.

Yu-Kym said...

Everyone at some point in life has something to "fixed". But if they place the responsibility of fixing on someone else, then they've got a serious problem. At the extreme end, there are people (men and women) who are "parental seekers" or have "dependent personality disorder" - the ones who are beyond saving. Anyone who tries to fix up them up will only end up unappreciated and drained. I know it sounds mean but, love relationships with such people should be avoided at all cost. Such people are unable to give any love - they will only take love, money, support and whatever it is they can get.

For the ready-made people flying off somewhere else, I got to agree :) But I think it's more because they know they deserve to be treasured and will not put up with any shit from their partners.

Anonymous said...

reading your post on ready made guys and diy men makes me realise i belong to the latter. Although i realise i may not be rich succesfull highly educated born with good genes all that crap to make me eligible and desired fully by women and im almost reaching my 30's and i know i gonna have a fuckup life till the day i die..reading your post only reminds me of every shitty expect of my shitty life and i thank you for it.By the way..your a very ungly oppinionated women who thinks that your beautiful just because you can blog well..

Yu-Kym said...

Anon, I don't know whether your comment about what you think I think of myself makes you feel any better. But sure does confirm that you are a DIY guy indeed.