Men faking orgasms

We all know it's common for women to fake orgasms [See prev post, Faking orgasms]. I was surprised to read that men fake orgasms too! (Google it if you don't believe me)

Why men fake orgasms
From what I read, men fake orgasms because:
- they are too tired,
- they can't reach orgasms (due to physical or psychological reasons) but don't want to make the woman feel like she failed,
- the sex is boring or bad.

How to fake an orgasm
In order to fake an orgasm, the man needs to be using a condom, then make some grunting sounds and show some facial expression (don't overdo it), pull out, get rid of the condom discreetly, then do what you normally do be it cuddle or fall asleep. It is best to fake it when you're not in a face-to-face sex position so that your partner cannot see your facial expression and you can remove the condom without her seeing it. Honestly, I don't think I would know better if I didn't take a look at the condom. But I usually do take a look because I like it, so I don't think anyone faked it with me.

Is it better to be honest or to fake orgasms?
I had a partner who couldn't reach orgasms from penetrative sex. He said it was psychological - the condom broke during sex with his ex-gf. I'm glad he told me. It's better to know the truth from him than to find out that he's been faking it.

Perhaps some women would take it the wrong way if men told them that they are too tired or unable to reach orgasms. Women might ask many questions and, worse still, get upset and take it personally. So I think men would rather fake it to avoid the whole drama.

Have you ever faked it?


Banshee said...

Oh yeah, freakin` yeah do man fake orgasms.

Further to that reasons you said above. Male prostitutes do not have orgasms in order to save sexual energy. If you want them to have so... you usually have to pay an extra.

Well, about reason 1... I've did it with girlfriend. I was tired due to several stresses from work, but it was an special night that she was really into doing it and I felt I couldn't let her down... after almost one hour of only penetrative sex (and almost another hour of foreplays), I was just too tired and faked it. But it was a single event. Usually, I would tell the truth about being tired.

But, on ONS... I had to use the no. 3 reason... sometimes... it's not good, I know, but I think it's better this way. Maybe that ONS can evolve... and the girl was only in a bad day. You never know.

Further, you should add a point that is: some men can have orgasm without ejaculation. Specially those into tantric sex, indian techniques and so. That sometimes make the girl sad.

Hayabusa said...

I dunno about others, but as long as i haven't reach my "daily quota" & not too drowsy, hell yeah i'm ready to jizz anytime anyday!!...

Aaron said...

Never had the need to fake orgasms.

I always cum... sooner or later.

If I'm tired I don't even penetrate in the 1st place, but ask for a blow job.

Yu-Kym said...

Banshee, thanks for sharing. Some guys don't believe me! I have read about it and believe that orgasm is possible without ejaculation.

Hayabusa, what if you are drowsy? Do you reject sex from the start or you immediately feel awake at the thought of it? :P

Aaron, what if your partner doesn't do HJ or BJ?

Banshee said...

Yeah!! It is possible indeed.
However, it's kinda complicated (I always wonder if it's easier for indians haha).

It's really... not scientific (at least, the way I was taught to) so it's really hard to fully understand, specially when you are not used to all chakra theories. However, when it works (and I managed a few times) it is awesome!

And the best after effect... when you get to ejaculate next time, it is also far better than usual!

Yu-Kym said...

Banshee, where did you learn it?

Anonymous said...

hmm hmm... i agree with man faking orgasm. my told me once he needed to fake orgasm as he got turn off by his partner.

for me, i got a personal experience once. i didn't fake my orgasm, but there are chances this scenario happen that would make men fake their orgasm.

i was on a holiday, blah blah blah... let's get to the point now. i had a couple of beers, with my partner and some frens. after that, it is the exciting part, SEX! :D i was surprise how hard my dick can stand, needless to say, the duration too!

well, i have the "most DEMAND dick curve!" hahaha... needless to say, my partner was having OMGO all the way, how many times? i don't know. for me, it seems like "never-ending" session. wow, miss that part... now i have a secret weapon. ^^

however, i got exhaused and tired, i guess the alcohol starts to kick it, with my partner, gasping for air, i decided to call it a quit. well, it is because i am running out of energy, BUT my dick still standing STRONG and HARD. oh boy... for others, they might want to fake it, but for me, i just inform my partner that i still got a long way to go, and we decide to call it a quit.

lastly, we went to sleep, with my "still HARD" dick ;)

btw, you might want to start a post whether beers do give men special benefits. oh ya, for me, i have to drink to the "right" amount. too much, i will get drunk, too little, i will not be able to "out-perform". :D