Male boob job

We all know about women going for boob jobs and which celebrities have fake boobs but how about men going for boob jobs?

Ok, I admit I was just trying to make it sound gross. It's called male chest implants or pectoral implants.

What is it?
The pectoral implant procedure involves increasing the chest size and improving the shape by inserting implants made of solid silicone under the real muscle, resulting in a bigger and possibly more defined chest. They're supposed to look real when muscles are flexed or relaxed. I haven't seen any up close (or maybe I didn't know they were implants) but I'm guessing they look as real as fake boobs, i.e. if it's a job well done nobody can tell them apart from the real thing but if it's poorly done then the implants can be obvious at certain angles. As for how it feels, the silicon used for pectoral implants is different from women's breast implants. It is solid but elastic and flexible. It seems it feels like gummy bear candy.

I think such implants may be more suitable for people who are thin rather than those who are fat. If you have too much fat under your skin, you might end up look fat rather than fab! For this reason, liposuction is sometimes done at the same time also for optimal results.

Why do men want pectoral implants?
For the same reasons women want boob jobs - to look more attractive.

Men who go for this procedure include:
1. those who are unable to achieve their desired chest size through normal means (of going to the gym and consuming protein supplements);
2. those seeking substantial chest definition and enlargement in the shortest period of time, i.e. the impatient and lazy ones;
3. those who suffer from developmental pectoral or sternal deformities, etc.

In addition to pectoral implants, men (and women) can get implants for their abs, butt, biceps and triceps.

What would I think if my bf gets pectoral implants?
Except for case #3 above and if the deformity is affecting the him, I think it's not necessary for him to get implants. Ya, sure it looks nice but I'm not sure whether I can get past the fact that his chest isn't real. every time I look at his chest I'll be thinking about the silicon gel pad at my keyboard.

I would have more respect and desire for a guy who earned his body through hard work and determination. If he can't get a big chest, so be it - there's no need to fake it. Besides, I don't think I want gummy bear candy and ants in my bed :P


Banshee said...

Not sure I can comment anything interesting here. But I would never get such kind of implant.

Although I heard it has been gaining popularity around here recently.

But I wonder, how does it will look like when you become an elder? Funny, I suppose...

Anonymous_CB said...

The only reason for a male to do a boob job is to convert from he -> she, whether is permanent or temporary part-time at night.

I can understand cross-dressing/conversion from he -> she. But boob job ? Why ???

Yu-Kym said...

I don't think it would hold up very well when the guy becomes old. Might sink to his waist :P

CB, this implant to make the chest look muscular.