How guys talk their way into gals' pants

Ever wondered why good-for-nothing players and even physically unattractive guys always get the chicks? Those guys are extremely good at talking. I've noticed 3 things that guys say to talk their way into gals' pants:

#1 Make up stories
Guys are good at telling stories. Here are some common stories I've heard:
- "I don't have a gf because I'm so busy that I can't take a day off, I'm always traveling overseas and gals are not understanding about my work."
This one's a good story. The guy paints a picture that he's very capable and earns a good salary. No gal wants a guy who's in a dead-end job and stepped on by others - gals are not materialistic; they're just concerned about survival. There's no way to verify whether the guy is as great as he says he is at work. And the gal can't be asking to check his passport because she's not his gf, he would probably get angry and say "You don't trust me" and she'll never get to see his passport anyway. He doesn't have to meet her if he doesn't want to because he's SO busy. If she gets upset, he'll just say she's no understanding.

- Sob story
Tell a sob story about how great they were to their gfs who were not appreciative or a sad family story that includes death of a loved one. Guys think that this makes them look like sad puppies that need to be cuddled.

- Brag and boast indirectly
Tell stories about how gals used them for sex or were only after their money, implying that they are good at sex or rich.

#2 Make gals feel unique
Guys say things to make gals feel special and unique, e.g. "You are very different from the other gals that I know", "I find you very interesting", "I've never met anyone like you"

#3 Paint a future
Guys say things to imply that there might be some future together, e.g. "If we live together we would be having sex daily", "Let's travel together sometime", "I would like to have a wife who can manage the finances well like you can".

Perhaps I'm the one who thinks too much into what guys say but I hear such things from guys whom I know have no intention of having a serious relationship with me, i.e. they only want sex. Unfortunately I have on some occasions been led to think that some guys were telling the truth. However, I won't say that I got cheated. Because within the first second of looking at a guy in person, I've already made up my mind whether I want to sleep with him or not. But I find such talk irritating and after hearing it I am less inclined to sleep with him!

I hope there fewer gals out there now who believe such crap talk. As for the guys who want to get laid, maybe you can try this crap talk on clueless gals but don't blame me if it the gals are not as clueless as you thought - if you can read this blog, so can they!

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Anthony said...

Have you ever wonder why is it so hard to find something that you have misplaced or lost when you want to find them?But when you did not bother to serach for it, normally you find it back?

Same goes with sex. The best way to get into a person's pants is not to think about wanting to get in the pants. Get to know the person instead. If both of you have chemistry, it will happen. Sounds lame, sounds boring, sound so cliche right? :P

Hayabusa said...

Sounds lame, sounds boring, sounds cliche, but hey, it still works rite??

Anyways, good post to warn the gals out there, as well as crushing those fucking idiots' masks...

Yu-Kym said...

Guys who are not naturally any good to resort to such tactics to get what they want. Well, ya, it's cliche, it still works! LOL
I hope more gals out there can be aware and not fall for it.