Held at gun point in bed

Guy: "Is my cock the biggest and hardest you've ever had?"
Me: "Oh yes, it is!"

Guy: "Are you usually this wild with other guys?"
Me: "No, only you make me feel so wild!"

Perhaps it's a type of dirty talk but I suspect it's more of an ego thing. While having sex, some guys like to ask me whether they are the best. I'm literally being held at gun point - so what am I expected to say?

I don't like comparing. When I'm in bed with a guy, I don't want to be thinking about another or the rest of the guys that came before him. Asking me "who's the best" type of questions will get me distracted, sometimes I even start to think, "you're not the best so why am I in bed with you??"

I prefer to speak in absolute terms instead of relative terms. E.g. "Your cock is very big and hard" instead of "Your cock is the biggest and hardest I've ever had." Perhaps the 2nd one sounds more flattering to a guy but if it isn't the truth, I find it hard to say the words.

Interestingly, when I tell a guy that he's the best at something without him asking, he would normally have a hard time believing me - I get doubted and questioned about it! But when I tell a guy a lie that he's the best after he asks me the question, he would usually believe me, even though I buy myself about 3 seconds to think of an appropriate response by moaning loudly for a while before answering.

If I told the guy the truth about his cock size and performance, would he be able to handle it? I don't think so!

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Kent said...

I always think Chinese man should understand and realize that they are really not big at all, compare to many different races and people in the world. In US, the white and black people uses chinese to represent the worst performance of sex in the world. When they trying to describe someone is really weak or bad on the bed, they will say: "As bad as the china man"...

So I believe if the purpose is for increasing the excitement during the process, then it's good enough. But i personally never ask this question to my partner... after migrated to US... LOL.

I hate to hear chinese man telling people how big and strong of their "didi".... and perhaps they never watch the angmo video much in their life.

Anthony said...

Held at gun point? Don't worry, it is only a water/sperm gun. Won't kill you. :P

Rock Hard said...

Guys who ask how good or how big they are, are usually got very low self-esteem.
The trick is to turn the woman so horny that, the moment you touch her with your hand, she can get into a climax.
That's another level where charm and seductions gets into the play.
Of cos, having a micro penis doesn't help.
But, the truth about woman and men, woman tend to go for the psychological part where men tend to be more on the physical.

guy said...

If i can make my gals get climax, why care so much about long, short, big & small. If long and big but you can't make your gal go climax, i rate he low.
Anyway mine just normal size, but i proud i can make them go climax. :)

dude_a said...

I agree with rock hard, dudes who ask this question usually suffer from low self esteem.

The low self esteem may not show when they're out in public, but the best way to see a man at his most honest is to get him in bed

Hayabusa said...

I'm a guy & i do care about my size. but to the point of asking someone you're fucking "am i the biggest??"... that's just plain stupidity!!

If she don't think you're worth fucking with, that you've a needle dick, why would you 2 be fucking anyways?? & more often than not, dick sizes usually & actually come second to other factors like skills & charm.

so like what guy said, if you make a gal climax, what's the use of a big dick anyways?