GI Joe: The rise of bustline

I was lucky to win tickets to the premiere of GI Joe. I loved the movie: lots of action, lots of babes with big boobs and they all kick ass (except one), and all the guys go topless at some point. Whatever you love, they've got it be it a blonde babe, a redhead, a brunette, Asian hunk, white American hunk, African American hunk, fat hunk, and even old hunk.

In a movie like this, there is bound to be more than a few ridiculous parts like ice sinking instead of floating and women still showing cleavage at subzero temperatures instead of protecting their bodies from the cold.

Here's a picture from my favourite scene. He was allowed to take off his shirt only at the end cos if he did it at the beginning the audience would be in love with the villain! Storm Shadow (played by Byung-hun Lee) is my favourite character in the movie. He's super cool and yet so hot!

Check out this pic... *drools*

I don't quite like the other guys in the movie though they have good bodies too - Duke is a coward and Ripcord is just a comedian - but not as good as Storm Shadow's.

The babes are definitely worth mentioning! *drools*

Scarlett's (Rachel Nichols) boobs are so big that they had to ensure that the chest portion of her suit was molded appropriately to accommodate them. How would you like to see her running on a treadmill in her sports bra? Yes, you'll get to see that in the movie!

Ana, also known as Baroness, (Sienna Miller) is gorgeous and so wicked.

Karolina Kurkova may be a supermodel but she's the one who didn't kick ass in the movie. And her costume didn't allow her to show much cleavage.

What I'd really like to know:
1. What brand of sunglasses did Ana use?
2. What hair products did Ana and Scarlett use?
3. What shoes was the lady in the lift wearing?
(You'll only know why I asked these if you've watched the movie!)

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----Update: 7 Aug 2009----
Did you know that Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols spent 2009 Valentine's Day in bed together? Wish I was there!!!
Read it here.


Katie said...

Ana was wearing the nanowires by Oakley.

Yu-Kym said...

Thanks Katie. I hope the sunglasses can change shade and survive car crashes like the one in the movie "P