Can men outlast women in bed?

Men and women know about it all the time. But men are to embarrassed to mention or discuss their problems openly. While some women are too insensitive to keep the little secret she knows and all her close friends know about her frustrations in bed with her partner. Damn gossipy bitch!

Many women “try” to reassure men that sex is not that really important. Whether she reaches orgasm or not is not the issue. The most important factor of having sex is, the feeling of closeness, intimacy and bonding. Well, that’s not entirely true. Yes, there is some form of emotional attachment to it. But isn’t it better if she can enjoy the sex part and to be able to feel the earth shake from your rhythmic grinding movement as well?

To be successful in sex, the key is to outlast her. A man must strike the balance between stamina and arousal. When a man is too aroused, the experience is too short to satisfy her. However, if a man sacrifices his arousal, chances are, he cannot even rise to the occasion.

One effective way is to use desensitizing lotion. Not too much. You don’t want to feel numb and hardly any pleasure at all, do you? Apply in moderation to the most sensitive area, like the penis head before sexual intercourse. You still want to feel something right?

If some of you are not comfortable having some external dunno-what-the-fuck-it's-made-up-of chemical applied on your dick, so I suggest you need to train your mind first. Our biggest sex organ is actually our brain.

When you are about to feel the climax building from all the excitement in visuals and her loud moaning, always try to focus on any other thought except the present erotic situation. What I do is, I try to think about my work, or what the prime minister said in his speech is a good turn off actually. Hahaha, I made that one up. You get the drift?

Basically, you need to think about something which is not suggestive or sexually stimulating.

You will find that you are beginning to lose a bit of erection from all this. The sexual climax disappears. Now it’s time to start picking up the momentum and giving it all you've got. Change positions if you have to. If a particular position feels too good, change it to one that she feels good and it's tolerable for you. Usually, the woman on top position is a good way to break the climax for me.
She can grind all she wants and can reach an orgasm much much faster. All I need to do it stay hard for her. Hahaha. Easy job.

Taking a break to have some form of foreplay is another method too. Return to kissing and oral pleasure will give you a chance to rest while enjoying the action of the sexual experience. Plus, your partner will think you’re a caring and great lover. wow!? Once you start to feel a bit more in control, resume with the regular lovemaking.

Occasionally, taking some herbal sexual supplements does enhance your sexual performance and can delay your ejaculation substantially. This means you last much longer in sexual intercourse timing. Of cos, age varies when it comes to sexual health. The older a man gets, the harder it is to manage his erection. It’s a fact. I know it myself. Hahaha.

That’s why, regular exercises like cardio and resistance training does improve your stamina and the hardness of your erection. Better blood circulation. Compare to those desktop warriors who do nothing but getting high scores on their virtual gaming world, then scoreless when it comes to the bedroom. Keeping fit and eating the right kind of food is very important to a man’s overall health. Smoking reduces the length of your dick, that's for sure. I quit some time ago when I read it in a medical journal. A bit regret picking up that stupid habit many years ago.

And do not forget to practice. What I mean is, practice your delay in Cumming through regular masturbation. When you are about to climax, adopt the “hold your urine” sensation in your PC muscles.

Everyone has PC muscles - both men and women. The muscle resembles the shape of a hammock, and it stretches from your tailbone to your pubic bone. The main function of the PC muscle is to control urine flow, however it also is responsible for the pleasurable contractions you feel during an orgasm. So exercising it can have wonderful benefits.

Having said all that, happy fucking guys. Just remember to practice on a daily basis if you want to succeed.

Your sweet and sour comments are welcome.

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Banshee said...

Haha, well, I found your blog while looking for pix of Lee Byung-hun to show a friend, but got interested on it and finally decided to comment. I am interested in sex as a social fact and your posts always amazes me.

Well, indeed I agree with you that brain is our main sexual tool, for both parties. Particularily to men, de-arousing a little by focusing some different idea for some time is the best cost/benefit way in my opinion.

Personally, I guess that a very good way to do so, when you are close to the end, is momentanously focus on a different image while temporarily stop intercourse (maybe to change position, or to do some other part of stimulation for some time).

Nevertheless, things are not necessarily simple for you are not counting in some particular points.

To a man, the beginning of his "sex experience" (from masturbation, at early ages) really determines a lot. For example, if, in early ages, you had to got used to cum fast (to avoid getting caught by your parents, for example), it is really hard to change it in drastic ways. Unfortunately, few man acknowledge such fact, or try to understand its own historical background.

As for Kegels... I am a practitioner for some years... it does increase your "hardness" quite a lot, and does allow you to eventually stop the cum (or most of it) if it's coming (although it's not the most pleasant feeling to do so). However, I do not thing it enhances your sexual stamina substantially.

Lastly, about desensitizing lotion, the only concern I have is about the long term effects of it. There is no study about it and I am afraid it might have long term after effects.

chai said...


love your blog and pics..eheh...

just wanna know, wht's the normal/average time for a fuck session, before tiring out and continuing on with foreply, etc, then to fucking again.....based on observation/experience of coz...

just wanna know if i'm normal, average, low....


Anonymous said...

did u write this? cause it seems like it's from a men's point of view

Yu-Kym said...

This is written by my guest writer, Rock Hard. At the bottom of each post you can see "Posted by Rock Hard at xx time"

The Unconscious said...

I think that a great foreplay plays a major role in lasting long. It's not about who last long but more towards a satisfaction for both in the end.

Rock Hard said...

Foreplay is important. But, good hard long lasting sexual intercourse is the main act here.
What's the use of doing well with your hand, fingers, tongue and when you slot your hard throbbing dick inside only to turn flaccid after a few pump inside her?
She'll be asking herself this, "wtf? it's over so soon?"
"I am getting warm up to his dick and now, it's over?"

Of cos, there are some politically correct females out there who will tell you how great you are in bed, only to mock at you behind your back in front of their girlfriends.

jorden said...

After falling prey to erectile dysfunction, men usually suffer from mental anxiety and nervousness and this further affects their partners. The women whose male partners are victims of erectile dysfunction start to think that their men are not interested in them any more and further details associated with women’s perspective on erectile dysfunction reveal that erectile dysfunction or impotence not only wreaks the life of the victim but also causes a significant degree of mental torture to his lady love.

Yu-Kym said...

jorden, although it's easy for me to think that men should be open to discussing the problem with their partners, I acknowledge that it's not easy for men to talk about it or even acknowledge that they have a problem. The worst case: some men even blame their partners for not being sexy enough.

Anonymous said...

In straight up penetration men can't even come close to lasting as long as women. That is why foreplay and oral are so important. With good foreplay and oral your woman should have already orgasimed a few times before even thinking of penetration.