Balding men: sex drive, sexiness and money

When I saw this photo, I thought it was the picture of Prince Charles.

Picture from here.

But, aiks! It's actually Prince William! What happened to his hair?? If Beijing101 needs a new spokesman, Prince William is the perfect candidate!

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) or hair loss can be caused by factors such as stress, diet, infection, etc but the biggest culprits are family history of baldness and high levels of testosterone. Prince Charles has MPB so Prince William also has it. As for testosterone, some people say that bald men have higher sex drives because they have higher levels of testosterone. Theoretically, this is not true - there are other factors that cause hair loss, as mentioned. However, I've never tried a bald guy before so I can't verify it. I'm not planning to try because prefer a guy with a head full of hair (though I'd rather not see hair on particular parts of his body) [See previous posts, Underarm and pubic hair and Men's body hair]. I won't want to have sex with a guy who wears a toupee either - I don't know how to react when it falls off halfway?!

I've a friend who shaved his head bald. He said his mum shook her head and commented, "No hair how to find girlfriend?" Anyway, I re-assured him that guys don't need hair to find gfs - all they need is money! And of course, there are women who find bald men or men with shaved heads sexy. Many women were crazy about David Beckham's shaved head. Is Prince William still an eligible bachelor? Hell, yes! But if Prince Harry lives up to his name, he might end up as the more eligible of the two princes.

But would I sleep with (a) a rich bald guy, or (b) a guy with a head full of hair and no money in his pocket? You've heard of the phrase "No money, no honey" but have you heard "No hair, no honey"? I bet you haven't... at least till now. Sorry, but my choice is (b): no hair, no honey!


Rock Hard said...

If all balding men had some sort of look like yul brynner, am sure woman won't mind at all.