I avoid consuming the artificial sweetener, aspartame. It is sold in packets and jars in supermarkets under the brand NutraSweet, packets of it are available in restaurants and coffee joints, it can also be found in diet sodas and food. A few of my health/diet-conscious friends who eat well and exercise frequently don’t even know which food contain aspartame and its harmful effects.

Aspartame causes weight gain?
In her book The Scent of Desire, Rachel Herz stated the following:
- A study in 1986 found that women who consumed artificial sweeteners gained instead of lost weight.

- John Blundell in 1986 also published an article stating that aspartame increases appetite. It was observed that after consuming products containing aspartame, individuals increased the amount they ate in a subsequent meal.

- Between 1980 to 2005, the average amount of aspartame per American consumed had doubled. Since aspartame is supposed to replace sugar, we would expect that the amount of sugar consumed per American to reduce but it had in fact increased by 25%.
She commented that whether aspartame makes people fatter is still controversial and unresolved.

Aspartame causes joint pain?
If you’re trying to keep fit or lose weight by exercising, it is important to maintain healthy joints. Many people complain of joint pain – some say from previous injuries or over-exercising and others say from old age. There are many causes of joint pain and consumption of aspartame is said to be one. I know people whose joint pain eased off after stopping aspartame consumption. Someone (whom I don't know personally) wrote about his experience here.

There are many other harmful effects of aspartame. If you do a search on the Internet, you’ll find many. (You can try the links at

When given the choice of which sweetener to use in my hot drinks, my top choice is raw brown (unprocessed) sugar. Otherwise, I take white (processed) sugar or condensed milk. If only artificial sweetener is available, I’d rather have my drink unsweetened.

I think it’s extremely difficult for anyone to totally cut off sugar consumption, although research has shown significant benefits for doing so. I, for one, won’t bother to attempt it - I would probably make me grouchy all day and every day. I still consume sugar daily in my drinks and food. I’d rather consume the calories in natural sweeteners and burn the calories through exercising than consume chemicals that have no proven benefits but only known harmful effects.

Note: There are other artificial sweeteners available such as acesulfame-K, saccharin, sucralose, Alitame and cyclamate. The names sound scary enough to me.


David said...


While the intention of this post has good intentions. The articles you use to support your view are dated.

The links below reveal the great deal of fear pandering let loose upon the public by well meaning but misguided researchers.

Everyone is conernced about what we eat and drink. But do be careful when doing research.
Consider all sides and be wary of the most strident voices. Be careful when citing sources as old as you used.

Are you aware that Splenda and Stevia are safer choices for those seeking sweetness with fewer calories.

You will find that these sweetners have detractors. Know however that the doses required to achieve the dangers often cited are so high that one would have to literally ingest many kilos of the substance each day for many years.

Something that simply will not happen in the real world.


Yu-Kym said...

David, there's no hard evidence that it's unsafe for everyone, neither is there evidence that it's safe for everything. That's why I used the question mark at the end of the headers. I do know people who have benefited from eliminated aspartame from their diet. I'm not aware of Splenda and Stevia and I can't recommend them. The safest choice to me is still going as natural as possible.

Anonymous said...

You and your sponsors should be put in jail for this bunch of brain washing bullshit that stupid people actually read, believe and support your lazy ASS

Yu-Kym said...

The fact that people who have written articles against the consumption of aspartame are not in jail says something, doesn't it?