Much has been said about foreplay but most people usually don't give much thought to afterplay, i.e. what you do after sex.

If you have no intention of a repeat performance, e.g. ONS or your partner is lousy, the least you can do is show some class and gratitude. "Hey, I gota go. Bye!" might be acceptable when no emotions are involved. If the sex was good, say something like, "That was great! I gota rush off. I need to meet my friend." If the sex was bad, there's no need to say or do anything hurt the person's self-esteem/ego - perhaps both of you were simply not sexually compatible.

If you're hoping for a repeat performance, you need to behave in a way that's acceptable to your partner. There are no hard and fast rules. It depends on both yours and your partner's preferences.

1. Falling asleep or cuddling?
It seems most gals and even some guys enjoy the intimacy of cuddling and talking. Personally, I don't mind if the guy rolls over and falls asleep. I find sleeping together after sex more intimate than talking. Sex is tiring and sleeping show that both of us are equally satisfied and exhausted. However, I think my preference is the exception rather than the rule so it's better to stay awake and assess the situation.

2. Cleaning up
Some guys like to run to the toilet to pee and wash up immediately after sex. One guy said he likes to wash up his perspiration before cuddling in bed. Another guy said peeing gets rid of bacteria and prevents diseases. I'm thinking: bacteria from where? I hope he meant bacteria from his own semen. I found it offensive. Did he think I have some disease?? We used condoms so I don't see what the problem is about bacteria. We do need to clean up at some point but rushing to clean up is a turn off for me. I suppose this is comparable to a gal running to the bathroom to spit out semen?

3. Drinking and smoking
I don't understand how it feels to grab a beer or smoke after sex because I don't like beer and I don't smoke. If a guy rushes off to smoke, I get the idea that he wanted to get done and over with sex because he needed to smoke.
Maybe drinking beer or smoking after sex is like having a cold can of 100plus after vigorous exercise? That to me is like the next best thing to having an orgasm! So drinking a can of 100plus after sex is grrrrrreat!

4. Getting dressed
Usually the clothes are thrown all over the place and sometimes you can't find your undies. It's nice when a guy helps me to find my clothes and places them neatly on bed for me. How would you feel if your partner just sat there and watched while you frantically search the room? Hopefully you didn't forget that you didn't even wear undies to start with!

5. Leaving
Don't behave like you just got what you wanted and you don't need to be nice anymore. Say or do something nice. A lustful I-can't-get-enough-of-you kiss would be perfect and is already foreplay for the next round of great sex!

6. Follow up
A follow up call or message to ensure that the gal got home safely is nice if the guy wasn't able to see her home. One message that I found totally hot was one in which a guy said that he strained his neck from the sex we had the previous day. Sounds sadistic? I'm sure guys feel happy when gals say they feel physically sore from the sex!

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Here's a video showing other do's and dont's:


Anonymous said...

you sure sound you are fantasising all the time. Don't you have better things to do

zewt said...

after pee is important. the semen remnant in the urethera might give the guy a UTI if left there.

Anonymous said...

Nothing else, she extremely needs good service from a negro.

Anonymous said...

Good coverage of all possible scenarios. If I like it, I would normally ask to shower together. If I dislike, get dress and disappear.


Banshee said...

[off-topic] why suddenly all those non-sense comments?

[on-topic] Indeed, it is curious on how just a few people talk about afterplay.

Although in Brazil I could guess that "talking" is the most common and expected afterplay. Further to that, "bathing together" is widely appreciated as an afterplay, specially if there is a bathtub available.

As for myself, I enjoy afterplays a lot if I am not on an ONS. However, I really need to drink something (some carbonate drink or iced tea, if possible) before doing anything else.

Anonymous said...

Good one. I am one of those who fall asleep after that. "Bathing together" is usually done before that, so...


Anonymous said...

It all depend whether you are having sex or making love. If having sex it is then it will be do it and go..just like fucking a pros. But if you are making love then it is a different story....don't pull out and walk off.... wait for at least 30 secs (dont have to count out loud...hehe)before pulling out gently, start cuddling and do a little teasing again...then get up and go to the bathroom together while still teasing her....

Banshee said...

In Rio de Janeiro, I suppose the odds that you will sweat a lot during the performance is very high. That's why I suppose that bathing together is a fair used afterplay here.

Although we have bathing together as a foreplay as well...

Yu-Kym said...

It's true that peeing after sex is good but no need to Run!

It's very hot here in Singapore too! Definitely need a drink after sex. I find bathing together before or after sex intimate but not everytime otherwise it gets boring.

Agree that how to behave depends on who you're doing it with and whether it was good :P

Anonymous said...

I like to let my bf baths me before or after sex as it is another enjoyable moment besides having sex with him.