Why gals can't say No

If you're a female on the Internet, I'm sure you must have received many spam emails from sex-seeking men or from those who just want to be "friends" [see Sperm Concept]. If you're attractive or look friendly enough, guys from the office, pubs or just in the street would try to get to know you. Yes, it's flattering to get approached by guys but somehow the guys I've encountered are seldom attractive in looks or character.

I suppose it's quite acceptable for guys to approach gals in pubs but what kind of guy would ask me for my phone number while I'm at Chinatown buying cheap toiletries? [Frugal Living] How about a guy sitting at the next table who stares at me while I'm eating my lunch, then comes over to hand me his phone number and asks me to call him if I want to buy gas for my house? I had to run away from the first guy because he tried to follow me after I refused to give him my phone number. The second guy insisted that I keep his phone number but I insisted that I didn't want it. Creepy! No way am I going to even consider giving my phone number to or call such guys!

However, some gals seem to have problems turning guys down. I'm thinking: What's the problem? Why can't you just say No? Some gals may say that they don't want to hurt the guys' feelings but, seriously, is that the real reason?

I'm sure most gals feel flattered when guys show interest in them (excludes lesbians). Some gals dress extra sexily to attract attention. And what do such gals say when guys wolf-whistle or ogle at them? "Yeeee, perv!"

Also, there are gals who lead guys on by going out with them, entertaining their phone calls and giving mixed signals such as playing Hot and Cold games even though the gals are not in the least bit interested in those guys, so that they can "complain" to their friends that those guys are desperate, stalkers or psychos.
E.g. A guy asks a gal out and she says she will check her availability. The guy could interpret it as she's interested in or at least would consider going out with him and he should ask her again if she doesn't respond in the next few days. However, the gal could be telling her friends that she isn't interested in the guy but he keeps asking her when she's free!

Guys are not idiots. If gals consistently say No, guys will get it and back off (excludes stalkers). They may retract into a corner to lick their wounds but they'll be alright after a while.

Why can't gals say No? It's not because they can't say No but, rather because they want attention so, they won't say No.

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"Why can't gals say No? It's not because they can't say No but, rather because they want attention so, they won't say No."

Strongly agree! ^_^

Mr Choo said...

Can't say NO if the guy looks rather attractive perhaps...or just use him as a spare tires..or carrot head (mobile atm machine)?
To be honest, there's an unbalance ratios of sexes..
Think there are more females than male in Singapore, (born and breed here, not those converted type).
But, I am happy for you that you do get lots of wanted and unwanted attentions all the time when you're out in the open..
Could it be your brightly red or pink colour tight shorts be the real reasons?
Perhaps you should write about what woman or little girls should wear or not to wear if they want or dun want male attentions instead?

Yu-Kym said...

Ya true, some gals use the guys are spare tire or atm!